ASUS VivoBook Ultra A512 vs HP Pavilion 15-cs2010TX

ASUS VivoBook Ultra A512 vs HP Pavilion 15-cs2010TX: Battle of the budget ultrabooks

When two laptops present itself together to us, we have to compare them. Both the ASUS VivoBook Ultra A512 and the HP Pavilion 15-cs2010TX are at around the same price of RM2,900 and they're both budget ultrabooks.

Survey says Malaysians users are insecure

As stated recently about online banking phishers, a new survey showed up that showed how Malaysian users are forever unaware or just probably don’t care about security at all. The new international...

Problem with SIM cards – revisited

It's been nearly a whole year since I talked about the problem with SIM cards. That article alone was real hot and garnered a lot of talks! I think now it's time to do an update. This is...
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

What If Sony Made Xperia Play 2?

This seems to be the season of gaming phones, is it not? It first started since last year when we saw the original Black Shark phone, then the Razer Phone. We were awed, but the whole trend went into hiatus for a while. Then it came back stronger than ever with the Honor Play, then the superbly affordable Pocophone F1, then the ROG Phone, Razer Phone 2, and Black Shark 2. The one phone that I always wanted is a new PlayStation Phone.
DSLR vs smartphone camera

DSLR vs Smartphone Cameras – Are Smartphones Better?

Photography is ever-changing, especially for smartphones. However, the fundamentals of photography remain the same. Be it DSLR or smartphone cameras, the basics are the same - especially the exposure triangle. Of course, there are differences between DSLR & smartphone cameras.
Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

Battle of the Snapdragon 730 smartphones: Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

We now have this new mid- to high-end chipset from Qualcomm - and it is the new Snapdragon 730 processor. Right now, we have two phones in the market that are using the Snapdragon 730 chipset - the Xiaomi Mi 9T and also the Samsung Galaxy A80. These two phones are very different from each other, so let us talk about them.

How technology changed the way we communicate

Since the dawn of mobile phones, SMS (short messaging service) has been with us and it may be going away any time soon. Why would I bring up about SMS? It has evolved so...

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – the best tech gifts!

'Tis the season of giving, and it can be for anyone! Be it your family or friends, even enemies, can receive a gift from you! But no one wants their gift to be unused...
D-Link DIR-882

Utilizing 100% Of Your Unifi Turbo Feat. D-Link DIR-882 Router

Over the last few months when we have a newly-reformed Malaysia, a big change was in how our internet worked. The biggest upgrade that everyone was - and still is - waiting for, is the Unifi Turbo. And damn, existing Unifi customers are getting 10x the speed upgrade. But is your home network ready for this sort of intense speeds? Today we're doing a test using different routers and find out the importance of AC WiFi using the D-Link DIR-882.