U Mobile App-Onz

U Mobile Solves Data-Hunger With App-Onz

U Mobile's UNLIMITED POWER Prepaid is now bundled with App-Onz - but what exactly is App-Onz? It's quite simple - similar to their Video-Onz and their Music-Onz benefits, App-Onz offers unlimited data for social media. Yes -...

Google shows Project Tango

We all are living in a 3-dimensional space, that is if we exclude time as the fourth dimension. All electronic devices in the world is made based on only two dimensions, that is the...
MasterBox Lite 5 RGB

Cooler Master Announces MasterBox Lite 5 RGB

A while ago, Cooler Master made the original announcement of the MasterBox Lite 5 - a fairly decent-looking mid-tower case with acrylic side and front panels. Of course, it's 2017 (near the end, too) and RGB is bae - so Cooler Master announced another variant of that case - the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB.
YES Car-Oke

Sing In Your Car And Win $$$ With “Yes Car-Oke”

How many of you sing in your car while driving? I'm pretty sure most of us here do - especially during traffic jams and during a lengthy commute. Yes Car-Oke wants to reward you for spending your time to sing some tunes in your car! Stand a chance to win more than RM50,000 in cash!
TP-Link Archer C5400X

TP-Link Announces Archer C5400X; Claims To Be “World’s Most Powerful Wi-Fi Router”

Yes, the image up above is the TP-Link Archer C5400X. For some reason, I naturally took a step back when I saw the color scheme and aesthetics. That thing looks a little freaky.

Rumour : Nokia’s next Lumia

Nokia hardly made it to the headlines again since its release of the Lumia 920, but this time its return might be due to its replacement – this time with the Nokia’s very...

Robot That Powers As It Cleans

You've seen or heard Roomba, the automated cleaning robot. Now, you are going to meet Limbo. The robot vacuum that runs on bacteria.  Limbo's mobility are more advanced than the current vacuum robots because its wheels are made out...

Lenovo Combines Performance and Affordability with All-New A- and S-Series Smartphones

Lenovo announced its next generation of its popular A and S series smartphones. The new S860, S650, S660, A859, A680 and A526 smartphones combine sleek design elements with top-notch performance and new features which...

Need to watch blocked YouTube videos?

Some videos on YouTube aren't available for us Malaysians to view here in Malaysia. To be honest, I find it quite annoying when I'm in the mood to watch a certain video and it's...

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