Meet Ultimate.Zone – the test-all-you-want retail store

That's the Retail Manager - Jack Chin!

5 things to know about FFX|X2 HD remaster

Alright - first off, the entire series is has aged since its first debut on the Sony PS2. Then again, age is just a number in this case, as the HD remaster of the brilliance of FFX is just too much to describe. Here are the 5 main things that you should know about FFX HD remaster.

Franz is the only desktop messenger client you ever need

Get Franz now, because it's the only one you'll ever need.

Physically strengthen your USB cable with heatshrinks

Since the early days of USB cables on smartphones, there have been many cases of cables fraying near either ends. I have to agree with that completely, and I did come across many frayed cables - particularly since the announcement of Apple's Lightning cables. Here's how you can minimize fraying on your USB cables.

BREAKING – Xiaomi smartphones adware & malicious apps running rampant; built into MIUI

Imported Xiaomi smartphones are infected with adware and even has malicious apps built right into MIUI itself! Check out how to avoid and/or fix it here!

AdClear: Time to clear all the intrusive ads!

Have you ever get pop-up ads on your phone? SEVEN Networks created an app called AdClear that allow the users to block ads on their device without root.

Do you really need a laptop cooler? Feat. a random cooler from China

There comes a time when we’re all desperate to get some sort of cooler for our laptops, and I admit, I was one of...

Here’s why you should clean a laptop inside out

Got a new laptop. Great - if you're lucky, the laptop survives for years to come, maybe 2 years or more. Here's the real kicker though, as the laptop ages, we get the illusion the machine slowing down. Assuming that there are no hardware failures at all, that's not caused by age!! It's actually is due to two main things - super-bloated operating system, or the system is thermal throttled due to dust clogging up. Here's how to fix your problems!

Get free 2GB Google Drive storage in conjunction of Safer Internet Day!

Google is giving free 2GB Drive storage if you do the account security checkup.