Aura Sync

ASUS Announces Aura Sync to Outshine the Competition

ASUS today announced that it will Outshine the Competition with Aura Sync, the world’s first RGB-lighting-synchronization feature that is compatible with a broad range of PC components and peripherals, from motherboards and graphics cards to keyboards and mice — including many developed by popular third-party hardware manufacturers.

Sneak Peek of S7 edge

Samsung had sneak peek event last week in conjunction of the release of the Samsung new flagship, Galaxy S7 edge. According to SME, only the S7 edge will be coming to Malaysia for now,...
Transcend TS-CM80S

Review – Transcend TS-CM80S & TS-CM42S M.2 SATA III SSD Enclosure

Honestly, I know that the title of this review looks like a bunch of gibberish. Seriously, who would have named their products a bunch of codenames like this? That's the world of PC components - and the Transcend TS-CM80S and TS-CM42S is a bridge between PC components and external storage devices that can be categorized as accessories. So what is the Transcend TS-CM80S and TS-CM42S, really?

Lenovo TheaterMax devices: VIBE X3 & VIBE K4 Note

Lenovo Malaysia has finally unveiled their new Virtual Reality (VR) technology devices to the Malaysia market

OPPO Sonica; Launched by OPPO Digital

In news other than smartphones, OPPO Digital, another division of OPPO that solely focuses on audio and video, just announced their OPPO Sonica. It's a speaker that meets all of our latest requirements in the year of 2016.
Apacer AC630 header 2

Apacer AC630 Military-Grade Shockproof Hard Disk Released

About a week ago, we reviewed the Apacer AC730 - that's an external hard disk built to handle all different types of harsh weathers and terrain. Then there's this - the Apacer AC630. On the surface, it might sound similar, but they're very different indeed.
Logitech K375s

Logitech K375s Multi-Device Keyboard-Stand Combo Announced

Guess what - we all own more than one mobile device these days. Be it a smartphone or tablet. Logitech knows this, and they know on-screen keyboards suck. That's why they created the Logitech K375s - a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard, but this time includes a stand too.
GameSir G4s

Review – GameSir G4s: Well-Built & Versatile Gamepad

GameSir is a manufacturer of gamepads gearing towards PC and Android gamers. So far, they offer 8 different gamepads, each with their own design, layout, and compatible platforms. The one I have here is the GameSir G4s - it's their latest flagship gamepad with lots of features - and we're going to talk about it from top to bottom.
Apacer AC730 water

Review – Apacer AC730: Strong, durable, and water-resistant

Right - external hard disks. They're crucial to everyone - either for backups only, as a form of expanded storage, or for large file transfers. Whichever it is, durability is important and we know it. An external hard disk is always susceptible to accidents and suffers a premature death. Thus, the Apacer AC730 takes this durability to the extreme.