ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502
Transcend ESD220C header

Review – Transcend ESD220C: Tiny, Light, Speedy

The niche market for portable SSDs has obviously grown since the last time we ever saw any external USB-based SSD here at Nasi Lemak Tech. I mean, why else other manufacturers like Apacer join the bandwagon? Transcend returns with another portable SSD - this time it's called the Transcend ESD220C, and oh boy, it's vastly different from the ESD400 that they had last time.
Jabra Halo

Jabra Halo Smart, Free, Fusion Now Official in Malaysia

Jabra Malaysia just announced their brand new brand new line of wireless earphones - the Jabra Halo. Within the Halo product line, Jabra is starting with two products - the Halo Smart, Halo Free, and Halo Fusion.
StoreJet 25MC

Transcend Offers New Storage Solutions For This Chinese New Year

We all know Chinese New Year is around the corner. Bits and bites (yes, it's food time every day) will be sent all around - be it pictures of gatherings, food, music, or movies. Transcend wants you to store all of your data around to share with your friends and family - like a portable repository.
Micropack MWC-236 Q3

Review – Micropack MWC-236 Q3: Double QuickCharge Ports

Yes, I know - it's a product with a funky name. Seriously, I have no idea what those numbers mean either - but all I know is that the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 is a USB charger with two ports - one with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 and another one with QuickCharge 2.0. I mean, everyone has at least two different devices to charge at the same time - right?

Review – Logitech MX Anywhere 2: The M of KVM

We've all seen wireless mice before - from those with a dongle to those Bluetooth ones, from a cheapo China mouse to highest quality gaming mice. And most of us have heard or know...

Review – Pandora Neo Classic Speakers: Beauty inside and out, lacks important details

Here comes another set of portable speakers into the market - the Pandora Neo Classic speakers. They aren't the typical speakers though, as they look absolutely stunning with the wood textures, an array of connectivity options, and comes with a neat remote control too. Check out our full coverage of the Pandora Neo Classic speakers here!
Sudio Vasa Bla

Review – Sudio Vasa Bla: Beautifully Colored Wireless Earphones

Like what we've been saying for quite a while now - wireless audio is the future. It's coming, whether you like it or not, and audio companies know it. Sudio knows it too, that's why the Sudio Vasa Bla is made. How does it perform in our hectic day-to-day operations? That's the purpose of this review!
Logitech K375s

Logitech K375s Multi-Device Keyboard-Stand Combo Announced

Guess what - we all own more than one mobile device these days. Be it a smartphone or tablet. Logitech knows this, and they know on-screen keyboards suck. That's why they created the Logitech K375s - a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard, but this time includes a stand too.

Lenovo TheaterMax devices: VIBE X3 & VIBE K4 Note

Lenovo Malaysia has finally unveiled their new Virtual Reality (VR) technology devices to the Malaysia market

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