Sudio Vasa Bla

Review – Sudio Vasa Bla: Beautifully Colored Wireless Earphones

Like what we've been saying for quite a while now - wireless audio is the future. It's coming, whether you like it or not, and audio companies know it. Sudio knows it too, that's why the Sudio Vasa Bla is made. How does it perform in our hectic day-to-day operations? That's the purpose of this review!
Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar (2)

Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar + UBD-K8500 Blu-ray Player = Heavenly AV Experience

For those who want to Netflix and Chill like a boss and have the best experience while having the sleekest AV setup at home, then I think this is for you. Both the Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar and the Samsung UDB-K8500 Blu-ray Player are like a match made in heaven - they meant for each other. When combined together, expect an immersively beautiful experience.

Review – beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro: 80 Ohm Edition

Here comes one higher-end headphone from Beyerdynamic. The trick up this one is that it is a lower impedance variant of the 3 siblings - 80 ohms instead of the 32 ohms or the 250 ohms version. Beyerdynamic is known to manufacture some of the finest headphones out in the market, and here we're going to look into one of them - the DT 770 Pro.

[Review] NAD VISO HP20 earphones

To start off, I'm very sure that most people don't know what the magic NAD is to begin with. NAD is a company that has over 40 years of experience in creating magical HiFi systems for your ears, and PSB is their sister company, so expect some shared technology between these two. Now, they are using those knowledge that they gave gathered into creating their first ever pair of earphones, the VISO HP20.

KWorld Releases Two Hi-Res Audio Gaming IEMs

Day and day we see brand new earphones come and go. There's nothing really special in the market, really. However, KWorld just dished out some interesting in-ear monitors (or IEMs for short) which is solely focused on both gaming and music together. Of course, it has Hi-Res audio certification too.

[Review] Beyerdynamic MXP 50 iE

Beyerdynamic released a bunch of new products this year, and this is the MXP 50 iE - the minimal, non-fancy pair of earphones but has a single-button in-line control with a microphone. That means this earphone has a 3-line audio jack!

Samsung show-off their new AV devices at KL International AV Show

KL International is currently happening and Samsung Malaysia Electronics is showcasing all their latest audio/video gadgets. You can also view their newest 2016 SUHD TV with Quantum Dot display as well as top of the range audio systems. The 2016 SUHD TV supreme picture quality and sleek designs has garnered numerous international recognitions since it was first premiered during the Samsung SEA Forum earlier this year.
Beyerdynamic Byron BT & BTA

Get Beyerdynamic Byron BT & BTA Special Bundle Deals Now

To be honest, we're not strangers to Beyerdynamic. We've reviewed a lot of products by Beyerdynamic, and I have to say that I love their products. Their latest launch in Malaysia is the Beyerdynamic Byron BT and Byron BTA - and they're wireless earbuds.

Review – SonicGear Earpump Sport 2 Earphone

It's not unusual that earphones these days just fall away from your ear as if something yanked it out, and totally destroy the music-listening experience. That's where sports-centric earphones come in. I'd personally rate them as "sport-grade" instead since they can withstand the roughest maneuvers when worn - just like how industrial-grade products can withstand the toughest conditions.