OPPO F1s Black

OPPO F1s Black Sold Out In 3 Days

We've talked about the OPPO F1s Black edition here - it's a limited edition variant of the OPPO F1s. To be honest, I like it. The striking matte black brings a very classy design to a hip and young smartphone. But of course, such a nice smartphone means many people are going to get it.
digi volte

Digi offers VoLTE with the Huawei P10 Series Smartphones

Many moons ago - I'm talking nearly 3 years ago - I had the chance to experience Nokia's slew of new telecommunication services - and one of them is VoLTE. I got to see it working out its magic in front of me. That was something new to me - but it was a mere showcase. Years have passed - and finally, Digi is going to offer VoLTE - and it'll work with the Huawei P10 too. Not just the Huawei P10 - but the entire family of the P10 series.
Gaming Freak 1ON1

Review – Gaming Freak 1ON1: Something Unique For RM119 Only

We've had something in our labs quite a while ago - and that item is called the Gaming Freak 1ON1. This is a single-handed keyboard but it's obviously not meant for typing. This "keyboard" is...
Flash Plus 2

Flash Plus 2 with 3GB RAM comes June 28th

The wait is finally over - the more powerful variant is here!

Review – OPPO R9s: Is Everything Clear Now?

Our first ever smartphone review for the year 2017 - and we're starting off with Lee Min-ho's smartphone. This is the OPPO R9s, a smartphone with not only one ambassadors, but a total of 3! There are two local ambassadors - Fattah Amin and Min Chen, and then there's the heartthrob Lee Min-ho.
Razer acquires THX

Razer Acquires THX; Expect More Audio Technology

Yeah, you saw that headline right. Razer acquires THX - the entire company itself.
Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 9575

Review – Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 9575: Thin yet powerful

As technology gets better by the day, we start to see devices evolving alongside. Dell has been creating the best ultrabooks over the years under their XPS lineup. Today, we have the latest Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 9575 on our hands. Yes, the name is a mouthful so let's just call it the Dell XPS 15 9575.
Edifier W800BT

Review – Edifier W800BT Wireless Headset

Wireless headphones. They're something that I don't get to see every day. I woke up from an afternoon nap one day and had the Edifier W800BT at my doorstep. I stared at it and thought - hey, it's the wireless age, and battery-powered audio devices have its own benefits too. With much enthusiasm, I jumped up to my den and took it out of the box and tried. Here's my full review of the Edifier W800BT.

Honor 5X is now here, alongside their new watch Band Z1

Honor recently launch their well-praised Honor 5X in Malaysia. The phone packed with a lot of goodies, and had received multiple awards during the CES 2016.

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