Smart City Summit & Expo 2019
Plextor M9PeG

Review – Plextor M9PeG: Small M.2 SSD With Speedy NVMe Interface

In today's standards for high-speed storage devices, SSDs that uses the NVMe interface take the crown. As of now, SSDs available in the market is still far away from hitting the NVMe interface limit. That's why NVMe SSDs are getting faster than ever while maintaining at a reasonable price. The Plextor M9PeG is one of those SSDs that has great performance with a reasonable price.
Transcend SSD430 header

Industrial-Grade Transcend SSD430 Announced

What does "industrial-grade" mean for an SSD? The Transcend SSD430 has this signature, and let's find out what it means together. Well, it means reliability instead of durability - and Transcend claims that the industrial-grade SSD430...
AMD Ryzen 5

[UPDATED] AMD Ryzen 5 1600X & 1500X Teased; Q2 Availability

It's funny to see what dropped into our email just now - a press release regarding the AMD Ryzen! Not just the typical "Ryzen is here" that everyone has been posting, but regarding the AMD Ryzen 5. This is the processor series that I'm certain that most people are aiming for.
ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AX11000 with Samsung Galaxy S10+ header

WiFi 6 Speed Test – How fast is it?

WiFi has been our day-to-day means of getting the internet on our smartphones and laptops for years. While we are all aware that WiFi is not the best when it comes to large data transfers, the latest generation of WiFi that is aptly named as WiFi 6, or 802.11ax, is here to spice things up again.
Noctua AM4

[UPDATED] Get Your Noctua AM4 Mounting For FREE!

Got yourself a Noctua cooler? Want to upgrade your rig to a Ryzen CPU? Fear not, as you can get Noctua AM4 mounting kit for FREE! The renowned air coolers makers that look industrial, and offers top-notch air cooling performance are taking steps to ensure its compatibility with AMD Ryzen CPUs.
Transcend StoreJet Cloud 110K header

Review – Transcend StoreJet Cloud 110K: Simple And Quick To Setup

Such a product couldn't be at our labs at a much better, more suitable, and relevant time. With the recent news regarding the WannaCry ransomware, a network-attached storage, or NAS, like the Transcend StoreJet Cloud 110K is becoming more of a necessity in all homes. But then again - there are so many NASes available in the market, so is the Transcend StoreJet Cloud 110K suitable for you?

BIOSTAR Z270 Racing Series Motherboards Announced

BIOSTAR just announced their brand new Z270 Racing series of motherboards, kick off with a total of 3 different motherboards. Currently, there are no pricing or availability for all of BIOSTAR Z270 motherboards in Malaysia yet, but we'll surely keep you updated when we have more information.
REEVEN Ouranos header

Review – REEVEN Ouranos

Here we have a CPU cooler from REEVEN - a company that's based in Taiwan that is focused on PC cooling solutions. They have a bunch of PC cases, coolers, fans, and even accessories like fan controllers in their catalog. The REEVEN Ouranos is one of the coolers that REEVEN currently has in the market, and we'll be taking a look at it today.
Sharkoon BW9000-W

Review – Sharkoon BW9000-W ATX Case

We're not one to talk about PC components, but let's start off with this - the Sharkoon BW9000-W. This case right here is available in two different colour schemes - either black or white. The one I have with me here white. It's a beautiful case with notable features all throughout the case, and I have to say that it's actually quite a nice case.