MasterCase Maker 5t, MasterCase Pro 6, CM 590 III

Cooler Master Announces MasterCase Maker 5t, MasterCase Pro 6, CM 590 III

Within this week alone, Cooler Master launched 3 brand new PC cases - the MasterCase Maker 5t, the MasterCase Pro 6, and the CM 590 III. Let's take a look at each and every single one of them and determine their function, and what they are for.
Threadripper header

AMD Threadripper & Ryzen 3 Launch Dates Announced; Demos Performance

In a little video that was just uploaded a little over an hour ago is where Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, talks about the upcoming Threadripper and Ryzen 3. Lisa talks about the launch dates, performance, and demos the performance of these chips too.

BIOSTAR Racing AM4 Ryzen Series Motherboards Announced

Not too long ago, we covered the news where BIOSTAR announced their whole racing series of motherboards for Intel's Z270 platform. Here, they've announced these racing motherboards again - but for the Ryzen platform. This is the BIOSTAR Racing AM4 series of motherboards for the Ryzen platform.
Noctua AM4

[UPDATED] Get Your Noctua AM4 Mounting For FREE!

Got yourself a Noctua cooler? Want to upgrade your rig to a Ryzen CPU? Fear not, as you can get Noctua AM4 mounting kit for FREE! The renowned air coolers makers that look industrial, and offers top-notch air cooling performance are taking steps to ensure its compatibility with AMD Ryzen CPUs.
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ASUS ROG STRIX X370-F & STRIX B350-F AM4 Motherboards Announced

I have a confession to make. I'm currently eyeing a few AM4 motherboards, and I'm pretty much settled for B350 chipset in terms of features. When it comes to motherboards, however, there are many other useful features like USB 3.1 Gen 2 not included with lower-tiered B350 boards, or just plain crappy VRMs. Then come the ASUS ROG STRIX X370-F and ROG STRIX B350-F motherboards.
Ultrastar He12

Western Digital Ships The Ultrastar He12 12TB, 4th-Gen Helium HDDs

If you've ever wanted a magnificently large hard disk, then I'm glad to announce that Western Digital is here to help you out. With their new HGST-branded Ultrastar He12 hard disk, it is available in 12TB capacity!
CES2017 Dell

CES2017: Dell PCs Engage With The Senses Through Sight And Sound

The year of 4K was so 2016, am I right? At least - that's what Dell in CES2017 tells me. Their innovation is super crazy recently. Dell recently announced the 5K monitor, and now they're back with the 8K monitor. That's just a mind-blowing amount of pixels!
Noctua NH-U12S header

Review – Noctua NH-U12S: Balancing Performance And Compatibility

When Ryzen was first debuted worldwide, AMD sent out a set of hardware for many reviewers - which includes a Ryzen 7 CPU, Corsair LPX RAM kit, an X370 motherboard, and most importantly, a special edition Noctua NH-U12S that's made for AMD's AM4 socket only. But again, you can get the basic edition Noctua NH-U12S and get the AM4 mounting plate separately for free. But then again - how does it really perform?
Plextor M8Se Noctua NH-D15 header

NVMe SSD Thermal Throttling & Preventions

We've seen and heard NVMe SSDs thermal throttling. It's something that we all worry about, and want to avoid when we're getting our own NVMe SSD. I mean, these speedy storage devices aren't cheap - and thermal throttling can diminish its speed. Well, here we'll tell you how to prevent NVMe SSD thermal throttling.