Logitech G413

Logitech G413 Launched; Brings Romer-G & Aircraft-Grade Aluminium Case

It's been quite some time since I last heard about a new keyboard by Logitech. With the recent announcement of the Logitech G413, not only does it places itself as Logitech's flagship keyboard, but I think it's the most premium keyboard out there.
ASUS GTX1060 OC 9Gbps

Review – ASUS GTX1060 OC 9Gbps: Upgraded VRAM

In each generation of graphic cards, the VRAM and clock speeds tend to scale according to its price. As prices go up the clock speed and VRAM goes up too. Then comes the GTX1060 - a card that comes in two VRAM flavors. This is the review of the ASUS GTX1060 OC 9Gbps graphics card, and a brief comparison on whether or not that extra VRAM is worth it.
ASUS AM4 motherboards

ASUS AM4 Motherboards Uncovered

In lieu of Ryzen's arrival to Malaysia, ASUS has announced their slew of AM4 motherboards beforehand. Just like the Intel Z270 chipset's slew of motherboards, they're now mirrored for the AM4 counterparts as well, but not all of them.
Ultrastar He12

Western Digital Ships The Ultrastar He12 12TB, 4th-Gen Helium HDDs

If you've ever wanted a magnificently large hard disk, then I'm glad to announce that Western Digital is here to help you out. With their new HGST-branded Ultrastar He12 hard disk, it is available in 12TB capacity!
Transcend SSD230

Transcend SSD230 With 3D NAND Flash Launched

Transcend is one of the leading manufacturers of storage media - especially when it comes to SSDs. Recently, the Transcend just announced their brand new SSD230, and it is built with 3D NAND flash.
ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AX11000 with Samsung Galaxy S10+ header

WiFi 6 Speed Test – How fast is it?

WiFi has been our day-to-day means of getting the internet on our smartphones and laptops for years. While we are all aware that WiFi is not the best when it comes to large data transfers, the latest generation of WiFi that is aptly named as WiFi 6, or 802.11ax, is here to spice things up again.
Noctua NH-L12

Review – Noctua NH-L12: More Than Meets The Eye

CPU coolers come in all shapes and sizes. There exists the iconic copper Zalman cooler and also the humongous Cooler Master V10. Today, we take a look at something more conventional-looking low-profile cooler. It's Noctua's NH-L12 - a low-profile C-type CPU cooler that is meant for HTPCs and small form factors.
Sharkoon BW9000-W

Review – Sharkoon BW9000-W ATX Case

We're not one to talk about PC components, but let's start off with this - the Sharkoon BW9000-W. This case right here is available in two different colour schemes - either black or white. The one I have with me here white. It's a beautiful case with notable features all throughout the case, and I have to say that it's actually quite a nice case.
ASUS Z270 Motherboards

[UPDATE 3] ASUS Z270 Series Motherboards Announced

ASUS Z270 series motherboards have been announced - and they're bringing in a slew of them to Malaysia. A total of 19 different models, actually. Have a look at what the motherboards can do for you.

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