Transcend SSD230

Transcend SSD230 With 3D NAND Flash Launched

Transcend is one of the leading manufacturers of storage media - especially when it comes to SSDs. Recently, the Transcend just announced their brand new SSD230, and it is built with 3D NAND flash.
Phidisk PhantomKnight

Review – Phidisk PhantomKnight SATA III SSD

Phidisk is a relatively new brand that focuses solely on storage technology - and they originated from the humble island of Penang. There are multiple series within the Phidisk family, and the PhantomKnight is considered their entry-level range.
MasterBox Lite 5 Facebook header

Cooler Master Announces MasterBox Lite 5 Mid-Tower Case

Cooler Master has been hard at work at creating the latest and greatest PC case for the longest of time. Take a look at the classic ATCS 840, Cosmos II, and also the CM 690 series - they're fantastic. In the recent years, Cooler Master redefined itself with the Master-something mantra. Now, they've returned with a brand new announcement - the MasterBox Lite 5.
ASUS AM4 motherboards

ASUS AM4 Motherboards Uncovered

In lieu of Ryzen's arrival to Malaysia, ASUS has announced their slew of AM4 motherboards beforehand. Just like the Intel Z270 chipset's slew of motherboards, they're now mirrored for the AM4 counterparts as well, but not all of them.

Western Digital Introduces World’s First 512Gb 64-layer 3D NAND Chip

The battle between SSDs and HDDs continue - but now, Western Digital will make things more favorable for SSDs. With the introduction of their world's first 512Gb 64-layer 3D NAND chip, it's going to create higher density storage solutions for SSDs.
Cooler Master MWE

Cooler Master MWE Series PSU Announced, Starts From RM169

Power supplies aren't something that will get refreshed and renewed often, since if it works then we pretty much won't bother much - unless aesthetics come into play. The Cooler Master MWE series of power supplies are created to cater for those who need low-priced power supplies to get the job done, but with uncompromised performance and efficiency.