Smart City Summit & Expo 2019

Review – Logitech G G810 Orion Spectrum

Logitech is now back at it again with another keyboard that uses its own proprietary Romer-G key switches. This is the Logitech G G810, and Logitech made a few significant changes around all around. Check out the review of it here!

OSVR HDK 2 Launched In APAC

It's not an everyday news to see such a product launched in Malaysian grounds. Today, the OSVR HDK 2 is officially launched in 13 countries within the APAC region - Malaysia included.
SonicGear Titan 11 BTMI

Review – SonicGear Titan 11 BTMI: More Than Just A 2.1 Speaker System

Multimedia speakers. Who really uses them anymore, anyway? While the days of home desktops have decreased, many people have opted for a fancier and compacter Bluetooth speaker. It might be convenient, but the sound quality is still up for debate. Enter SonicGear Titan 11 BTMI - a 2.1 speaker system that has Bluetooth and more.

Transcend ESD400 Now In 1TB Capacity

We reviewed a ridiculous product called the Transcend ESD400 not too long ago - and I liked it. It's a tiny storage device with insane reliability. Why? Because it's an SSD-based portable storage device.

LG OLED B6 & LG 600L Mega Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator Announced

LG is welcoming 2017 with two of their brand new innovations - the LG OLED B6 and the LG 600L Mega Capacity Side-by-side refrigerator! Let's talk about both of these innovations separately.
Computex 2017 ASUS ROG

Computex 2017: ASUS ROG Unveils Ryzen Laptops; Ultrathin With NVIDIA GTX 1080, & More

Here's the deal - with ASUS's announcement on Monday, you might think "hey, that's all from ASUS, right?" I thought the same, but it's not. But nope - here's the Computex 2017 ASUS ROG announcements, which brings a lot of new brand new products.
MasterMouse Pro L RGB

Highly-Customizable MasterMouse Pro L RGB Now Available; Priced at RM249

There was a time where mice like the Mad Catz R.A.T.5 were all the rage. They were highly-customizable, but its price and aesthetics were a turnoff to many. Those mice didn't catch on to the mainstream market, by the way. Years after that, we see the emergence RGB in peripherals. Cooler Master saw an opportunity here and integrated the high-customizability of a mouse together with RGB LEDs - and that's what the MasterMouse Pro L RGB is all about.

[Review] Armaggeddon Alien IV G9X mouse and Tarasque mouse bungee

The parcel sent over by Armaggeddon got me pretty happy when I found out there's a mouse inside since my Microsoft combo set mouse had an agonizing problem with the scroll wheel click what I've been living with for more than a year. I thought maybe this would be the replacement of my Microsoft mouse that has BlueTrack technology.

The Force is Strong with AMD Radeon R9-Fury!

The force is strong with AMD this year with their AMD Radeon R9-Fury and R9-Fury X.