ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502
PQI My Lockey

PQI My Lockey Grants Fingerprint Access In 0.15 Seconds

If you're using Windows 10 (most of us are, because Microsoft forces us to), chances are you've heard of their new biometric logins. It's a convenient little feature - but it requires special hardware for Windows Hello, or a fingerprint sensor for easy login. That changes today with the brand new PQI My Lockey.
MasterMouse S

Review – MasterMouse S by Cooler Master

Cooler Master's brand new Master-something series of products are coming along really nicely. This is the MasterMouse series by Cooler Master - specifically, the MasterMouse S. It's a smaller-sized gaming-oriented mouse, and it has an ambidextrous design. Just how good is the MasterMouse S compared others in the sea of gaming mice?

Review – Ducky One with PBT Dye-Sub keycap (DKON1508)

I’ve always been wondering - what’s the purpose of opting for a much more expensive keyboard when there are other lower-priced ones, yet they’re in the same family of keyboards? The answer is not only because of the aesthetics, but also for comfort. Comfort leads to a more pleasurable typing, and for me who uses the keyboard every minute, it leads to less frustration. This is the Ducky One with PBT Dye-Sub keycaps, also known as the DKON1508 - which is a full-sized Ducky One mechanical keyboard, but this time instead of using ABS doubleshot keycaps, Ducky opted included PBT Dye-Sub keycaps by default. The name is a mouthful, so let’s just call it the DKON1508. In many cases, the DKON1508 will be exactly the same as the Ducky One TKL, which we reviewed here.

Review – Armaggeddon NRO-5 STARSHIP III: Mouthful Name, Full of Features

Introducing the Armaggeddon NRO-5 STARSHIP III. It's a mouse with a multitude of interesting design choices, ranging from the design, the ergonomics, and also the additional useful tricks that is packed into this little magical mouse.

[Review] Armaggeddon Alien IV G9X mouse and Tarasque mouse bungee

The parcel sent over by Armaggeddon got me pretty happy when I found out there's a mouse inside since my Microsoft combo set mouse had an agonizing problem with the scroll wheel click what I've been living with for more than a year. I thought maybe this would be the replacement of my Microsoft mouse that has BlueTrack technology.

Review – Logitech G G810 Orion Spectrum

Logitech is now back at it again with another keyboard that uses its own proprietary Romer-G key switches. This is the Logitech G G810, and Logitech made a few significant changes around all around. Check out the review of it here!

Review – GAMDIAS Zeus P1 RGB Gaming Mouse

GAMDIAS. They've been around in the industry for quite a long time, but GAMDIAS isn't particularly pushy when it comes to promotions. We just reviewed their GAMDIAS Hermes P1 RGB mechanical keyboard here, and now we're taking a look at the GAMDIAS Zeus P1 RGB gaming mouse. It's a fancy one, to be honest.
Razer Firefly

Razer Firefly Cloth Edition Announced; Priced At RM279

There are some of us who just doesn't like hard surface mouse mats - me being one of them. Fear not though - as Razer got your back with their brand new surface mat - this time with RGB lighting too. Introducing the Razer Firefly Cloth Edition.

BenQ’s gaming mice – Zowie, now official in Malaysia

Zowie is now back at it again with their brand new lineup of gaming mouse! In case you didn't know, Zowie is the gaming lineup of equipment by BenQ. Zowie brings a total of 3 gaming mice into the Malaysian market, with varying sizes within each model.

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