Cooler Master CM310

Review – Cooler Master CM310: Highly Affordable

We saw this mouse appearing first at Computex 2018 - and it's a mouse that we actually have in our test lab since then. The mouse is a testament to Cooler Master's change in direction - they're heading towards a direction where affordability is king while still having RGB flair with the Cooler Master CM310.

[Review] Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse

As a the mouse is one of the most important hardware for computers, we always seek for a better mouse to enhance or to ease our daily tasks on the computer. A wireless mouse with a USB wireless receiver is what normally we own, but a Bluetooth mouse is maybe what you seek next, and never look back.
Apacer AC730

Apacer AC730 eHDD Announced; Military-Grade Ruggedness

To be honest, external hard disks are fragile They have delicate little moving parts in them, and the main purpose of an eHDD is portability. That means these delicate little hard disks are going to bump into random stuff are random angles, and in random amounts of force. We've seen rugged external hard disks before, but the Apacer AC730 is certainly the most complete when it comes to military-grade ruggedness.

Ultimate Ears Brings 3 New Speakers; The UE MEGABOOM, BOOM 2, & ROLL 2

Ultimate Ears, or UE, just expanded their lineup of wireless speakers with the brand new UE MEGABOOM, UE BOOM 2, and the UE ROLL 2. This is also complimented with their brand new app to control the UE speakers - the PartyUp.
D-Link DWR-953 4G Router Modem

Review – D-Link DWR-953 4G Router Modem

A huge majority of the population needs internet connection these days. Not just on a fixed time of the day, but right on your fingertips that touches our smartphones. But what if you live at an area that does not have any optical fiber internet connection? Then we opt for the next best thing - 4G LTE. To propagate the 4G LTE connection to multiple devices at once, we have the D-Link DWR-953 4G router modem for the task.
Logitech G G900 Chaos Spectrum

Review – Logitech G G900 Chaos Spectrum: The Best Wireless Mouse Ever

Logitech has been making mice for quite some time now - and we've seen a lot of their mice in the past too. Take for example the Logitech M280 wireless mouse, the fantastic Logitech MX Anywhere 2 wireless mouse, and also the critically-acclaimed Logitech G G502 Proteus Core/Spectrum. These 2 mice are fundamentally different - but Logitech G didn't stop innovating. They somehow has this crazy idea of creating a single mouse that is beyond what they have created before. Heck, not even a Logitech G themselves have created something like this before. This is the Logitech G G900 Chaos Spectrum.

Review – Transcend ESD400 Portable SSD: Portable speedster

When it comes to portable storage, there's always a compromise between 3 main factors. It's a balance between size, storage capacity, and obviously its price. Let's not forget some other factors like durability and build materials too. Transcend realizes this, and they came up with something that skewed the balance. Introducing the ESD400 - a portable external SSD. The one we have here is the TS256GESD400K, the 256GB variant.

LG OLED B6 & LG 600L Mega Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator Announced

LG is welcoming 2017 with two of their brand new innovations - the LG OLED B6 and the LG 600L Mega Capacity Side-by-side refrigerator! Let's talk about both of these innovations separately.

Logitech’s M171 is familiarly special

Does this mouse look familiar? Probably, I have one that looks awfully similar at home actually. By the looks of it, it's similar, but sports a few difference.

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