SanDisk’s New Wireless Flash Drive

SanDisk has a new Flash Drive in town. The global leader in flash storage solution, today expand their wide range of storage to the wireless mobile flash storage, the SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick.
Edifier XM6BT

Review – Edifier XM6BT Speakers: Great Budget Speakers!

There comes a time where desktop speakers are on everyone's computer desks. That was an absolute necessity during those years - but things have changed since then. Edifier, a renowned brand for great speakers, came up with the Edifier XM6BT - a speaker that aesthetically reminisce the old days, but packed with modern needs and features.
Swift PG248Q

ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q Monitor Pre-Order Starts Now

High-end gaming monitors. Who doesn't want them? ASUS is giving everyone the chance to pre-order their own ROG Switch PG248Q monitor - a 24-inch 1080p monitor with super fast 1ms response time and overclockable to 180Hz refresh rate. Coupled with G-SYNC, even the mouse cursor feels buttery smooth.

ASUS GX860 Buzzard now on ASUS Store Online!

Hey - remember that GX860 Buzzard mouse with a big butt I reviewed? I loved that mouse, and ASUS is now selling the mouse through its online store! How convenient! The mouse is - or...
Genesis Gear chair

Review – Genesis Gear Chair: High-End Quality For Low Price

Racing seats, or gaming chairs as it is known now, are getting more and more abundant. Gone are the days where DX Racer and AK Racing are the dominant brands. Surprisingly, there are many other brands for these gaming chairs available in the market already. Most of them are new, and there are no reviews of those brands available online. That said, I reached out to the brand new, Genesis Gear and here's my review of the entire chair.

OSVR Now On Steam

It's a big news for the tech world - especially in the VR scene. OSVR, or the Open Source Virtual Reality, just announced that their contents will be on Steam too! That means all of your VR needs can be found on Steam alone.
Gaming Freak Chanter

Review – Gaming Freak Chanter : Great Microphone For RM299!

In today's trends, nearly everyone's gaming or streaming setup needs a microphone. As we all have heard, communication is key. Either we're on a Facebook Messenger or a competitive match in Overwatch, a microphone with superb clarity is always needed. The Gaming Freak Chanter is a desktop microphone - but one that's pretty much unheard of.
Apacer AC730 water

Review – Apacer AC730: Strong, durable, and water-resistant

Right - external hard disks. They're crucial to everyone - either for backups only, as a form of expanded storage, or for large file transfers. Whichever it is, durability is important and we know it. An external hard disk is always susceptible to accidents and suffers a premature death. Thus, the Apacer AC730 takes this durability to the extreme.
MasterMouse Pro L RGB

Highly-Customizable MasterMouse Pro L RGB Now Available; Priced at RM249

There was a time where mice like the Mad Catz R.A.T.5 were all the rage. They were highly-customizable, but its price and aesthetics were a turnoff to many. Those mice didn't catch on to the mainstream market, by the way. Years after that, we see the emergence RGB in peripherals. Cooler Master saw an opportunity here and integrated the high-customizability of a mouse together with RGB LEDs - and that's what the MasterMouse Pro L RGB is all about.