vivo V5s

vivo V5s Launched; Priced RM 1,299

The brand new vivo V5s is perhaps the most special smartphone at the price of RM 1,299, and it's being marketed as the phone with Perfect Selfie mantra, but I see way more than that.
ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom header

Review – ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom: My Personal Favorite Smartphone!

ASUS has been on a roll this year. They made the ASUS ZenFone 3 which we have reviewed here - one of my all-time favorite smartphones as of writing this review. When I heard and saw the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Here's my full review of the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom, also known as the ZE553KL.
LG G6 Lifestyle header

LG G6 Arrives In Malaysia; Retails At RM 2,999

It's surprising to see something like this dropped in our mail. The LG G6 officially arrives here in the Malaysian market - and ohhh it's fabulous!
OPPO R9s Black Edition

[UPDATED] OPPO R9s Black Edition Are Selling Like Hotcakes!

When it comes to smartphones these days, I have to say - color options are actually quite important. That's why the OPPO R9s Black Edition exists.
Huawei P10

Review – Huawei P10: A Worthy Sequel?

There has been much anticipation for what Huawei will bring to the table this year with their P-series of smartphones. Many eyes are on the Huawei P10 - so how does it perform? Let's find out.
Porsche Huawei Mate 9

UFS 2.1 Highlight Reinstated on Mate 9 Product Page; Prices Slashed

Not too long ago, we have this little issue regarding the Huawei P10's storage and RAM chips used. That caused a lot of stir already, since we consumers need to pay the same price to enter a "performance lottery". If you get UFS 2.1 with LPDDR4 on your unit of the P10, you're lucky. While that storm is still brewing, Huawei decided to preemptively make the next move - removing any mentions of UFS 2.1 on the Mate 9 and its Pro variant's product page.
Huawei P10

[UPDATED] The Huawei P10 Performance Lottery; Get Different Chips & Get Different Speeds

I think the best way to start this off is the seriousness of this issue, but a little more context is needed. This is the Huawei P10 and the P10 Plus's situation now - it uses two different types of RAM and a total of 3 different types of storage technologies. Here's why it matters.
BLU Smartphone

BLU Smartphone Debut in Malaysia; Brings 10 Models

Today is an insane day - as BLU smartphone are now officially in Malaysia! BLU smartphone is a brand that I've personally heard quite a few times in the past, and I've heard good things about them too. I'm glad that they're still kicking strong!
Honor 8 Sakura Pink

Honor 8 Sakura Pink Now Available In Limited Quantities!

I absolutely love the Honor 8. I've covered many news regarding the Honor 8 and reviewed it, and even using one as my daily driver right now. That phone is beautiful with its current colour options - but why not bring the limited edition Honor 8 Sakura Pink into the Malaysian market too?