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Cooler Master is on a roll for the past year for creating rather great audio gear. We first have the MH751 and the MH752 that we’ve seen back at Computex. These two headphones are exactly the same but the MH752 has a USB DAC, as shown here in this review. Now, Cooler Master is launching two new earphones – the MH703 and also the MH710.

These two earphones come with 10mm neodymium drivers with 3 different sizes of eartips – S, M, and L sizes. They both also come with a hard-ish fabric case to store the MH703 and the MH710 alongside with its accessories.

Cooler Master MH703
Cooler Master MH703

We aim to bring a set of nice earbuds that satisfy mobile gaming, portability, light-weight requirement. With our patented Focus FX 2.0 technology, you can boost up the bass with one push.

– Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager.

Cooler Master MH703
Cooler Master MH703

Now, the main difference between the MH703 and the MH710 is actually in its added value. The MH710 comes with a feature called Focus FX 2.0, which adds a boost. It allows users to choose between immersive bass or clarity for music listening and movie watching, or to isolate the mids and highs during gaming to highlight sounds such as footsteps all through a simple press of a button. Other than that, both the MH710 and MH703 packs the same punch in delivering great sound.

Cooler Master MH710
Cooler Master MH710

Other than that, the MH710 also comes with more accessories than the MH703. It comes with an airplane audio jack (yes that exists) and it also comes with a USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack dongle. That is something that the OPPO R17 Pro and Apple iPhones do not include.

Cooler Master MH710
Cooler Master MH710 comes with a USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack dongle.

Both the Cooler Master MH703 and MH710 are now available in Malaysia with these prices:

  • MH703 – RM 139
  • MH710 – RM 189

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