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Dell Technologies has paved yet another road in supporting the education sector by announcing its partnership with Monash University in Malaysia.

Dell Technologies x Monash University Malaysia

As projects and technologies are getting more complex over the years, HPC and AI solutions are simply a must for universities to support all the computing demands required by both under and post-graduates.

In this aspect, Dell Technologies has packed the server room of Monash University with an array of Dell PowerEdge servers that totals up to more than 800 Intel CPU cores, 165K NVIDIA CUDA cores, and 10,000 Tensor Cores with memory capacities reaching the range of 4.8TB DRAM, 1.9TB VRAM, and 250TB storage.

Working as the backbone of its network connection is a series of 200Gbps InfiniBand networks for superior compute throughput run within a Linux environment equipped with Bright Cluster Linux and SLURM for easy management and multiple scientific applications including but not limited to ANSYS, VASP, GROMACS, OpenFOAM, PyTorch, and TensorFlow.

All of these are installed by Robust HPC, a local system integrator who will be working closely with the IT team over at Monash University to ensure smooth communication and thus collaboration effort between the institute and Dell Technologies.

Monash University Malaysia hopes that through all of these powerful hardware and software they will be able to make room for more enrolled students to utilize them and facilitate more ambitious research in the ever-growing competitive landscape of the digital world.

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