If you run a business, you must be aware of what worth customer retention holds for your sustenance. Growing businesses adopt various strategies to deliver par excellence customer service. Out of all these strategies, implementation of CRM-integrated call centre software stands in the first place. This technology helps a business to get hold of everything and anything that comes into its way of delivering customer-oriented service.

What is CRM call centre software?

How it helps business?

Why should you own one?

And many more are the facts that you should delve upon. So, let’s dig a little deeper.

What is CRM call centre software?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM call centre software offers the whole suite of customer relationship management tools such as call recording, customer details, previous concern history, one-click call transfer to the concerned department, SMS-based feedback receiving facility, services availed, and so on.

Unlike traditional one, a CRM-based call centre software helps a business to bring sales, finance, and CRM over a single place. It helps you build a centralized platform for inter-related operations and trim down your cost and efforts. With having this tool at your disposal, you can leverage your operations and serve your customers’ needs by all means.

Why should you choose a CRM call centre software?

Regardless of the niche, you are operating; high customer satisfaction has to be your prime aim. And, CRM call centre software is one of the means of getting hold of it effortlessly. Here is why you should own one –

Proper customer data optimization

Customer Data is the biggest asset of a business, and CRM call centre software helps you optimize as per your industry’s needs and resources. Taking continuous feedback from customers, making data-driven reports, exporting data from any of the resources and immediate data transfer helps a business to optimize the data properly, and make the most out of it.

When you are utilizing your customer data in the right manner, you are likely to grow by leaps and bounds. CRM also offers you a detailed insight into your data’s health and helps you know the bottleneck of the data generation process.

Better customer relationship

If you yearn for success, then you must please your customers by all means. Though doing this is imperative, acquiring it in real-sense is highly arduous. With each customer expecting different things, you have to struggle a lot to make your customers satisfied. This is where CRM comes into the picture and delivers what you aim.

By using a CRM integrated VoIP phone number, you can easily drive your sales, marketing, selling, and invoicing process and start making your customers feel valued. To start with, we would say you can set personalized welcome message, IVR, call transferring, call queuing, and web forms to understand their needs and concerns in a detailed manner. When you can do so, they will be less agitated and likely be loyal to you always.

Also, you can be in touch with your customers regardless of location. Som it helps you in becoming a reliable and trustworthy business. For example, instead of having a landline number, you can own a US virtual phone number of any place such as Arizona (480), California (442), and New Jersey (602), and operate it from any of the remote locations. You need not be in a specific geographic zone to operate them.

Improve your problem-solving ability

One of the crucial factors that make you a great service provider is your ability to resolve your customers’ issues. When you are dealing with your customers’ concerns with ordinary call centre software, the odds are high that you may fail to notice the tone or miss any crucial information. This sort of information is only half good.

On the other hand, using VoIP phone number with CRM integration makes you competent to pick every minute detail as you record those calls. You can replay the recording and gather any information which was left unnoticed during a real-time conversation. Also, these recordings can be used for training purposes. After all, what else would be so reliable to train your representative than an actual customer’s recording?

Indirect cross-selling and up-selling

The ultimate goal of any business is to earn revenue and improve its sales. If you are using a CRM-integrated call centre software, you can promote your products based upon a customer’s last purchases during their call waiting time. Instead of boring and monotonous waiting tune, you can set promotional messages and inform your customers about new offers and products.

Are you confused about its viability?

As per a survey, around 20% of the people purchased business’ products after hearing about them on their on-hold promotional messages. Your CRM call centre software could help in doing this.

Wrapping up

CRM integration with call centre software is like a blessing in disguise. It not only helps you to retain your customers for once and all but also increase your sales without much of gruelling in marketing strategy planning. So, do you have CRM integrated software? If not, then don’t wait for long and grab one now.

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