ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


I personally think that this is an interesting point that HiSilicon highlighted. When it comes to photography, everyone either thinks of its sensor, lens, and the image format it supports. While that is not wrong, I just think that there is way much more beyond these 3 things.

hisilicon kirin (27)

Firstly, HiSilicon includes their own PrimISP in the Kirin 95X series chipsets. It is a dual 14-bit ISP, or image signal processor, that works at 940MP/s. An image signal processor of this performance translates to amazingly launching and super-quick focusing, together with ultra-high detail picture quality at a simple click of a button, and much more lag-free, responsive filtering effects to try on.

HiSilicon showed us the performance test of their new camera design compared to the iPhone 6S, and dang I’m impressed. HiSilicon managed to include an amazing intelligent colour management to control the exposure, and the bright parts do not overshadow the less-exposed parts in a picture.

hisilicon kirin (28)

All these can of course be processed via software, but whenever these features are hardwired into the chip itself, its processing is much faster. Also, the processing becomes more passive – even saves battery and faster processing too. This of course, leads us to the next section where HiSilicon shines.

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