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During WWDC 2021, Apple made the announcement that FaceTime is going to be opened up to other non-Apple platforms as well – including Android and Windows.

When I saw that news at first, I thought that Apple developed an app for the two platforms individually, but as it turned out, Apple is opening up FaceTime to Windows and Android via web. The more I think about it, the more I’m liking this decision honestly.

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FaceTime Web

Sometimes, there’s no need for a dedicated app just to do something simple. In fact, I find it pointless for a participant to install the app. Personally, I don’t even install the Microsoft Teams or Zoom app whenever I join online conferences. I just join via the web.

As FaceTime opens up, it also allows users to schedule the calls and send the link to that particular call beforehand – like what Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, and a variety of other online conference apps are already doing.

FaceTime Web

I took a step back to further digest all of this information – and I came to the conclusion that everyone can benefit from this. Even Huawei, for that matter.

You see, Huawei was – and still is – banned from using any of Google’s services. It heavily affected its customers to the point where our reviews of the Huawei devices are consistently getting questions on how their kids can use Google Meet or Google Classroom to attend classes. Unfortunately, that is something that I cannot help them with – but perhaps Apple can.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

But, assuming the upcoming “FaceTime Web” works the same as regular FaceTime but joinable via web, then it should be possible to have 32 participants in a single FaceTime call at the same time.

Perhaps with Apple’s massive userbase number, it is enough to get a headstart over other online video conferencing services.

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