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After many, many complaints from owners of the Galaxy S10, Samsung has finally decided to add a dedicated night mode to the camera. This patch update also brings forth the April 2019 security patch.

Ever since the release of the Galaxy S10, we have seen many commenters saying that Samsung needs to add a dedicated night mode to take even better night shots. And now with the latest update, we have it.

This new update can now be downloaded on the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and also the Galaxy S10+. It is about 200MB in size and comes with a few improvements, particularly the April security patch, camera improvements and the dedicated night mode.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series night mode update

Once you open the camera app after the update, you can access the new night mode by scrolling to the left.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series night mode update

Previously, Samsung’s night mode is hidden behind the scene detection mode only and does not have long exposure shots. Now with this dedicated night mode, it can take long exposure shots while handheld.

Here is a sample comparison picture taken with the new night mode using the Galaxy S10e.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series basic mode
Basic photo mode with scene optimizer turned off.
Samsung Galaxy S10 series scene optimizer night
Basic photo mode with scene optimizer turned on.
Samsung Galaxy S10 series dedicated night mode
With night mode.

With night mode, the picture taken is still in 12MP size. It is definitely brighter overall but there is an apparent loss of detail and we do not recommend cropping the image before posting.

Funnily enough, there is no ability to change the cameras while in night mode. It is locked on the main camera only. The ultrawide and telephoto does not have night mode. At least not yet.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series night mode update

With many other competitors like Huawei, Honor, and even OPPO implementing a dedicated night mode, it is great to see Samsung having their own dedicated night mode as well.

As of now, the latest update for the Galaxy S9 only brings camera picture quality improvement but does not have the night mode. Perhaps on the next update.

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