ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


As there are already many apps out in the market these days that lets you remotely lock down and track your device, those apps can be easily uninstalled and render it completely useless. You can however opt for a much better anti-theft app like Cerberus, but that will require root access, which voids your warranty.

Google then stepped into the game recently to set things right for all Android users by offering a service of their own – Android Device Manager. Accessing the website, you will be prompted that your location data will be sent back and forth of Google servers, and warned to not be a hero by yourself, as it might be very dangerous.


It’s a pretty basic tracking feature that Google incorporated into your Google account, which offers you the location of your device on Google Maps, then lets you ring the device or remotely erase everything on it.


With a big map for you to see where your device is at, you can get to the destination and then signal the device to ring at max volume via the simple interface at the left side of the screen.


Oh – I didn’t enable the Erase Device feature, as that will require you to enable a certain special permission over at your phone first, which Google offered a handy little notification for your ease.

Once you tap on that notification at your device, a popup menu will come out asking for permission to activate it.


Tap on Activate and you’re good to go! You can also rename your device over at the menu too.

Google actually planned this beforehand too. As your location is always needed to be tracked, Google enabled a WiFi always on and always scanning for your location, so that you can get the location of your device in an instant by accessing the Android Device Manager page.

Seeing Google tackling this issue of theft really gave me goosebumps as Google not only integrated it alongside with Google Maps, but very well-rooted under the depths of Android as well. Google really do know best when it comes to this sort of thing, as they can now relieve some worries over the practicality of tracking apps if not rooted.

That said, I still recommend you guys to check out Prey Anti Theft if you are not rooted, and also as mentioned before, Cerberus Anti Theft if your device is rooted. Don’t however neglect the Android Device Manager! Hit it on the link below!

Click here! Android Device Manager

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