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NtechLab has recently announced that they have entered the Malaysian market by setting up a local branch in our country.

NtechLab FindFace MultiBeing one of the currently top-ranking video analytics and facial recognition technology providers, NtechLab’s debut in Malaysia starts with its FindFace Multi tool, a series of algorithms that are capable of detecting clear elements such as faces down to things like people’s silhouettes and cars in real-time video streams. Through this, users spanning from organizations to governments are capable of making better decisions thanks to greater speed and confidence enriched by audience analytics.

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Using a criteria-based facial search that is quite smart,  it can detect faces even when they are partially covered or blocked by medical masks or clothes while silhouette recognition makes identification of an individual a walk in the park by the color of clothes and accessories. For vehicles, it has been trained to find out the type of body, shape, color, manufacturer, and model. It can also do your standard license plate recognition as well.

Currently, in Malaysia, NtechLab is still recruiting partners from the industry and perhaps a joint partnership with our government to deploy these high-accuracy face recognition systems. But are you comfortable with the data being handled by other 3rd party forces? Let us know!

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