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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Like what we mentioned earlier – the Mi Mix 3’s beautiful design is complemented by their new technology. From the simplest terms, we can refer the Mi Mix 3 as a slider phone – and that’s completely true. But the mechanism behind this slider phone is something unique.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

By using carefully calibrated neodymium magnets on both “halves” of the phone interlocked by what seems to be rails on both sides, the slider mechanism essentially snaps open and close with the help of magnetic forces.

At the back of the phone we can see that it is once again made out of ceramic – even the fingerprint scanner feels fantastic. Super reflective and slippery, but feels much more solid. The high reflectivity here is complimented by Xiaomi’s brand new color for the Mi Mix 3 – Jade Green.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

This brand new Jade Green take on a darker shade of green compared to emerald, and it looks absolutely stunning. Though, I do hope that Xiaomi implemented the imperfections of real jades – like the streaks and also the white color gradients – into the phone’s back as well.

Opening and closing the mechanism feels gentle and not aggressive even though there is a noticeable snap. When sliding the phone down, it reveals the dual front-facing cameras, the earpiece, and other things as well.

Providing protection to such a beautiful device, this is where the included hard shell case comes into play. It is a hard shell case, so don’t expect it to absorb any sort impact – but it does protect against scratches.

This hard shell case snaps only to the back half of the phone but provides protection for both halves while still having a cutout for the sliding mechanism. I truly wonder if they can actually make a TPU case for a phone like this.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

My only question here is that can Xiaomi make a transparent hard shell case so that I can show off the magnificent Jade Green? But a transparent hard shell case will be very susceptible to scratches as well. I guess it’s a fair trade-off here.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

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