ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


Yeah, we only spent about an hour with the Mi Mix 3 so we obviously can’t tell the battery life on the Mi Mix 3 or logging the charging data too.

We can, however, tell you about the chargers that included with the Mi Mix 3 in the box.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Firstly is the conventional wall plug that. This charger can actually output a total 9V 2A or 12V at 1.5A.  It’s still totaling up to 18W, though. Still won’t be as fast as ASUS’s ROG Phone HyperCharge or Huawei’s SuperCharge that can output a total 40W.

Then there’s the included wireless charger. It has a rubberized top to prevent the slippery ceramic back of the phone from dropping off the charging pad. However, we worry about the material turning sticky over time and leaving adhesive residue on the phone.

This is a fast wireless charger too, as it can output a total of 9V 2A. Though, the efficiency of wireless chargers in general are still questionable and cause major heat issues on both the phone and the wireless charger.

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