Build quality

The build quality of the Molotov-5 gave me a toy-like feel at first. It feels like there’s a lack of sharp edges on the headphone, and everything is either rounded or curved. What’s more is that the headband is covered with foam and smooth PU leather. The ear cups themselves have the same material too. The other parts of the Molotov-5 is covered in soft-touch plastic instead.

I have to say the approach that Armaggeddon took in creating the Molotov-5 is a little too gentle, but that’s what made me like it now. The Molotov-5 is nice to touch, and really nice to wear too.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Molotov-5 (2)

The other thing I would like to say about the build is the cable. It comes out at only from the left side of the Molotov-5, which is quite unconventional considering other similarly-featured audio products have their cable on the right side. Also, the Molotov-5 has a single in-line button with microphone built into it.

Single button is actually what most Android devices can work with, and if you’re using Poweramp like me, then you’ll be happy to know that Poweramp responds to the single button. Personally speaking. I give Armaggedon a thumbs up for including an in-line button, although most people don’t even use these buttons at all.

There is one gripe I have with the Molotov-5 though – and that’s the size adjustment mechanism. The two (what I suppose are) rails work great in terms of aesthetics and the miniaturization of the folding mechanism too. However, the problem comes when there is absolutely nothing for the rail to grab on to hold its position. That means the ear cup can fall out from your ears because of its own weight.

Molotov-5 (3)

The folding mechanism works pretty well, but the size will need to be adjusted before folding in. The one big problem I realize is the cable is blocking the ear cups from collapsing cleanly without any hitch. Other than that, it’s a really smooth mechanism.

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