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Armaggeddon Molotov-5 Mobile Gaming Headphone
  • 9/10
    Build quality & Material - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Design - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Sound quality - 9.5/10
  • 8/10
    Comfort - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


The Armaggeddon Molotov-5 is a great on-ear headphone with great value. Absolutely fantastic sound quality for the price and with great comfort levels, and comes packaged with a decently-built headphone shell.

It’s the one thing that I’m most curious about. Armaggeddon seem to have ironed out all the other aspects on how to make a great on-ear headphone, but did they nail the sound quality?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes. On the packaging itself, the headphone audio is powered by two 40mm drivers with a frequency response of 20-20kHz with 32Ω impedance. That means one thing – the drivers are easily powered by a mobile device, but it doesn’t dictate the audio quality.

Enter my usual test of songs. First off, Adventure Time by Rogue. The bass is exceptionally bassy, as each beat is punched with controlled strength and without distortion. The mids are great, yet the highs can sparkle to some degree too. The more obscure notes were heard clearly on the Molotov-5. Overall, the listening experience was great!

Molotov-5 (6)

Moving on to Cherokee by the BBC Big Band Orchestra. The first thing I realized was the soundstage. It sounded surprisingly well, and blown my expectations away at an instant. It sounds absolutely fantastic. Listening to Cherokee on the Molotov-5 gave me goosebumps, then I forgot that I was doing a sound test. Then, my phone played 1973 by James Blunt. The initial bass hits really strongly, and I was instantly jolted awake.

Oh hey – there isn’t any distortion in audio quality when listening at uncomfortably high volume levels too. Another side note – noise isolation on the Molotov-5 is decent, but definitely not the best for an on-ear headphone. However if you’ve tried the SonicGear Studio 2 which we reviewed here, the Molotov-5 is the clear winner here.

The microphone on the other hand sounded okay – it can record audio at a decent quality. The recording sounds like it’s been muffled a little and shifted to the bassier side by a little bit. Actually I’d say a little above average too, compared to other headphones with built-in microphones at this price range. In most cases, that’s all you need anyway.

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