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Speaking of the battery, the ASUS ROG Phone is equipped with a 4,000mAh battery. It’s the same as some other big smartphones in the market right now – but with the speed-binned Snapdragon 845, 90Hz display, Aura RGB light, and AeroActive Cooler, how long can the 4,000mAh actually last?

ASUS ROG Phone Battery Mode

ASUS ZenBook 15 OLED UX582

ASUS actually separated a few different battery modes in the settings menu. The X Mode here is supposed to be the “high performance” mode. Here we compare the ASUS ROG Phone with other smartphones in the market using “balance” only, since X Mode doesn’t improve performance at all.

ASUS ROG Phone Battery Life Test

From our benchmarks and gaming tests, we think that it’s best to stick with 60FPS with X Mode and Aura lighting turned off so that you can game for a longer time, while you can enable 90FPS and lower the graphical settings to enjoy a smoother but uglier graphics.

But since the ROG Phone has so many different settings to play with, what magnitude of an impact will settings and accessories bring to the ROG Phone? Take a look at the comparisons below.

ASUS ROG Phone battery life test against different modes

We actually went on and tested a myriad of different settings turned on and off – Aura RGB, 90Hz and 60Hz, X Mode turned on and off, with and without AeroActive Cooler at 100% – while we fixed the brightness and performed the same test. The results we got were astonishing.

That tells us one thing – every setting of the ROG Phone matters. If you want to go all-out baller mode with the fan at 100% and RGB lighting turned on, then you’re in for a treat. The battery lasted for less than 5 hours. Five hours.

Depending on what settings you want to use, the ASUS ROG Phone’s battery can last you a few hours of gaming before depleting entirely.



This is also one of the confusing thing with the ASUS ROG Phone. In the box itself we have the brand new HyperCharge – a charger that’s capable of outputting a total of 30W max. But hey – didn’t the official specs of the ASUS ROG Phone listed that the side USB-C port can support higher power and faster charging?

Then, we also repeated the test by using a 5V 2A charger which we used in this experiment. We used the bottom USB-C port at first.

ASUS ROG Phone HyperCharge vs 5V2A

Overall, using the HyperCharge to charge from 15% onwards, the ROG Phone takes around 18 minutes to reach 50%, and takes a total of 36 minutes to reach 75%. A total of 87 minutes is needed to reach 100% full charge. Still, it’s a really fast charger.

Once this basic charging test was done, we thought to ourselves – didn’t ASUS ROG mentioned that the side port is actually more powerful than the one at the bottom?

Hence we also did another myriad of charging test where we charged with and without the AeroActive Cooler while using the HyperCharge charger, then redid the entire test with the 5V2A charger.

ASUS ROG Phone different charging ports and modes

When we superimpose everything together, we see no significant difference in terms of charging with or without the AeroActive Cooler on the side port, or using the bottom port. That’s one mystery solved.

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