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That’s also where the age of a phone start to matter. I’m still keeping my trusty Nexus 4 somewhere in my room and that little phone (yeah, 4.7-inches is tiny) though still performing well thanks to Google’s and the developer community’s support, the camera took the deepest and hardest strike to the heart of any smartphone users these days.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

That’s where the ZenFone Selfie stands out – especially with its laser beams coming out from the back for its laser focusing. The rear-facing camera itself is one reason to change to the other new ZenFone – the Laser which features a 13MP rear-facing camera with laser-focusing.

zenfone selfie (9)

Then, ASUS took the Selfie towards another step forward and integrated a 13MP selfie camera with a two-tone flash too, which I find it a little weird for its positioning since the camera will be looking into my ear canals every time I take a call… put that aside though, let’s see some photos!

P_20150921_084042_SRES orig

Well it does have my favourite camera mode from the ZenFone 2 – Super Resolution. Here’s a picture I took of a bug right on top of my car in the morning. I didn’t want to scare the shit out of this little modelling bug so I stayed at about 15cm away from it, turned on Super Resolution, and snapped.

Snippet of an insect taken using Super Resolution mode.

Yep, still looks great!

Then it’s some time for some selfie fun in the class, and yeah we tried with and without flash in certain conditions. They look weird, but the flash in my opinion was a little too harsh and washed out all the colours.

These guys are NOT me.
These guys are NOT me.

Though I guess that happens only in the full-auto mode. The ZenFone Selfie can do manual mode in selfie and create some amazing selfies, but if that’s now your cup of tea, then maybe use it as a selfie flashlight?

Even for a 13MP camera. the Selfie actually still takes beautiful shots with its rear-facing camera. Combined with the laser autofocus and a somewhat better version of ZenUI – more on that later – the ZenFone Selfie can take some of the fastest shots when I needed to a time-critical shot.

P_20150912_032655 copy

Take this vulgar picture for example. My apologies for using this photo, but I was driving halfway, cars were moving and the Selfie was in my pocket. Once I saw the subject to take a photo of, I whipped out the Selfie from my pocket, drew a character “C” on the screen and the rear-facing camera is focused and ready. Press the conveniently-placed volume button and snap – picture taken! It all happened in less than 3 seconds!

When the whole thing had gone by, the passenger asked me what was I doing, and did I need help. I told them “I wanted to take a picture of that car, and no, it’s already done”. They were awestruck – that quick? Though there were some problems with the software that happens when using tap to focus. In whichever way though, the Selfie does focus generally much faster than the ZenFone 2.

P_20150914_132803 copy

While doing so, the camera somehow focuses slower if tapped to focus – taking up a few precious seconds to just complete the focusing with no guarantee that it’s accurate. Somehow if I’m not tapping to focus, it works extraordinarily quick. I wouldn’t mind much of this issue though since its a software problem, and an update can fix this entirely.

Selfie lovers – fret not. There is an emergency selfie camera primed to snap pics of beautiful faces within a split second. Just whip out the ZenFone Selfie, draw a character “S”, and voila!

Check out the full album of photos right here at our Flickr album!

And I’m afraid that’s where the experience on the ZenFone 2 and Selfie varies – the usability of shortcuts are tremendously different.

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