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I took the Hippo Boom Plus all the way to Citta Mall few days ago, while waiting for my mom and sister to go crazy with the Clarks warehouse sale (I’m not a fan of shoes, obviously) and I just sat along the benches beside the very obnoxious and lengthy queue.

ASUS VivoBook K513

First off the bat, noise isolation isn’t as good as other earphones around this price range. The good news is the cable friction doesn’t affect the experience at all.

Taking this earphone out and about was a joy. It’s light, and definitely doesn’t tire out the ear canals even if I wore them for hours. The single in-line button is great if you pair it with Poweramp like I always did, and you can basically have the 3 most important functions – start, previous, and next, and you don’t have to take the phone out.

Determining left from right is simple enough as you have the in-line controls hardwired onto the right side of the earbud. Nice.

As far as the listening test goes, I tested this pair of earphones with my usual devices – laptop, desktop speaker amplifier, and the OnePlus One. The listening test brought in a very mixed perception of what the Hippo Boom Plus truly brings.

First off, Hippo advertised something they claim to have is extended rich bass. It definitely is rich in bass – perhaps a little too rich. The usual suspect in bass-listening being Adventure Time by Rogue is just way too heavy – it’s punchy and leaves quite a great aftermath. The bass reverb however is excellent, I can really feel how the bass goes up and down on the Hippo Boom Plus.

Trying something with a little less bass, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper feels like her voice just got muffled – like a listening to her singing through a piece of paper with small little holes poked on it. Another similar test was Skyliner by the BBC Big Band, and the trumpets definitely felt muffled too.

A little Nu Jazz like Shoot Him Down! by Alice Francis is a little more pleasant, thanks to her deeper voice. However, the bass is still too strong and it just starts to cover up her vocals most of the time. For a little fun test – I went with Salome by Andre Rieu and An Accent Beyond by Portal 2’s OST, the bass is just way too unbearable.

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