Software - Android 8.1.0 with EMUI 8.2.0

The EMUI 8.2.0 didn’t really change much from before. Once you finished setting up the phone after starting up for the first time, we’re greeted with the familiar UI.

There is no app drawer, so the number of home screens will grow as more apps get installed – unless you create a “junk” app folder and throw some unused apps inside. I do wish that EMUI 8.2.0 has the option to toggle the app drawer on or off. That will definitely cater to the two different types of users.

Honor 8X Top Apps

Speaking of unused apps, the EMUI 8.2.0 still has the folder of “top apps” and the folder will recommend some new apps from time to time. You can switch off the app recommendation if you choose to do so, or “delete” the folder entirely.

Honor 8X Ride Mode

There’s also a new app here called “ride mode”. This app changes the phone to become something like “driving mode” but for bicycles, where it disables Bluetooth and headset and you can configure it to answer calls and reply via the recorded voice or text.

Honor 8X Ride Mode

We did mention at the beginning of this review that the Honor 8X we have had unlocked bootloader as well. While we did not encounter any anomalies on the software experience side, we’ll have to talk about the performance.

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