ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


Let’s get some benchmark scores up. Before I begin, there is something that I need to show. In Developer Options under Settings menu, there’s a “High Performance Mode” which I had to make a comparison. Also, the benchmarks are all done under Dalvik runtime, as it would have been unfair as many apps still couldn’t run smoothly on ART.Screenshot_2014-07-24-22-49-13

Here’s Epic Citadel on Ultra High Quality with full resolution on both high performance on and off, with a proper cold boot before each test.

Normal performance

Yeah, the numbers didn’t lie. I have no idea why the High Performance mode got lower FPS, so I retried again and again, and I still get the same trend.

I’m never a fan of ┬ábenchmarking through numbers, since they never did translate into real life performance much. This time however, is an exception since I want to debunk what’s behind the High Performance mode, and used Qualcomm’s Vellamo.

Normal perf

So here’s where the significant performance increase is – at web browsing. Obviously it’s going to drain more battery, but is it worth it? Definitely not. Based on what I tested, Chrome was already fast enough in the Normal Performance mode, so anything above it is surplus for me.

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