Wrapping up the Huawei P30 review

After using the Huawei P30 for some time, I find it offer nothing particularly unique or special other than what they have always been advertising – the zoom. Yes, it is impressive – though it is quite a niche feature. Great for a party trick, but not so much for day-to-day use. Also, the color inconsistency between the 3 cameras is annoying.

Huawei P30

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333

The EMUI software is definitely dated and needs to be updated not only in terms of design, but also its functionality. The aggressiveness in killing apps just to boost their battery life is annoying as I have lots of background apps. Sure, I can manually allow certain apps to run in the background, but that’s tedious.

Huawei is asking for the price of RM2,699 which I think is great – if you always use the zoom feature. Else, consider other smartphones in the market instead. We have the HONOR 20 series that’s dropping in soon, with similar specs. For a much better overall experience – including the best software – consider the Samsung Galaxy S10e that you can buy for RM2,299 now.

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Review - Huawei P30: For the zooms only | Page 9 of 9 | Nasi Lemak Tech
Review - Huawei P30: For the zooms only 1
It's been a crazy few months since the leaks of new P30 series that can perform some crazy zooms. Then now, we finally have one in our hands. I've been using it for a little over a week and here is our review of the Huawei P30.
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