ASUS VivoBook 14 A413


mx anywhere 2 (4)

The mouse is a little flat, but I personally think it’s a perfect balance between ergonomics and portability – especially as it’s small enough to put it in the bag.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

I do find that the mouse to be a little weird – the button at the top is by default the middle click button. So what does the scroll wheel click for?

It’s meant for the frictionless scroll wheel rolling. I would actually like this button to be switched – maintain the scroll wheel click as a button instead and the frictionless scroll wheel toggle button to be right below the scroll wheel instead because of ergonomic reasons.

Personally with my fairly large hands, I use the fingertip grip more than any other types of grip. Although the fingertip grip works well with the button layout on the MX Anywhere 2, the same cannot be said for those with smaller hands, particularly due to the middle click button position.

The scroll wheel however feels very amazing. The scroll wheel’s haptic feedback is amazing, the left and right buttons on the scroll wheel is very responsive and will not accidentally be triggered as well.

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