Of course, the main highlight of the OPPO F11 Pro is the camera. It comes with a 48MP camera at the back, and also a popup camera for selfies. This is a true premium experience brought to a mid-range smartphone – and yet the pictures that it takes are also jaw-dropping.

We also took the OPPO F11 Pro to travel around and took a lot of night pictures at Taipei.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333

But first, let’s take a look at the camera specs of the OPPO F11 Pro:

  • Dual rear-facing cameras
    • 48MP f/1.8 with PDAF
    • 5MP depth sensor
  • Motorized popup selfie camera
    • 16MP f/2.0

OPPO F11 Pro

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Rear-facing camera

Throughout my experience with the camera, I found otu that the white balance is pretty good on the F11 Pro. The exposure on the other hand, is a little aggressive depending on the situation. I took 3 shots of these spider lookalike decors and the last one turned out the way I wanted it. The other ones were too dark.

There’s also Dazzle Color, which adds vibrancy and contrast to the picture. Good for colorful shots or with subjects which are color-coded.

Then comes the night photography, obviously. I first started off by taking these two pictures as a comparison to see how the night mode really performs.

Without night mode.
With night mode.

Damn. I was surprised. Then, we took the OPPO F11 Pro to Taipei, Taiwan and started shooting pictures around at night. We have talked about the photography capability of the OPPO F11 Pro quite extensively here. Honestly, it is good. We have even more pictures here to show you too.

You can even combine Dazzle Colors with night mode to create a much punchier night shot too. We have the perfect example here as well.

Night mode only.
Night mode with Dazzle Color.

Just wow. Once again, the OPPO F11 Pro has proven that hardware with proper software is able to do magic.

Selfie camera

The selfie obviously means there’s a popup camera. It takes about half a second for the camera to rise, which is about as long as other phones take to switch between cameras.

As for the image quality, I’m satisfied. White balance is good and details are surprisingly decent too.

Camera UI

OPPO F11 Pro camera UI

Once again, the camera UI is the same as the one found in the Realme 3 since they both are using ColorOS 6.0 as well. The new camera UI is clean – and they did a good job here.

OPPO F11 Pro camera UI

As for how to take 48MP pictures, you have to enter the camera settings and change it to 48MP there. If you are taking 48MP pictures, then you cannot turn on HDR, AI or Dazzle color.

OPPO F11 Pro camera UI

I still like the fact that the OPPO F11 Pro can indeed mix different modes together. I still like using Dazzle color with night mode to create punchy night shots.

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