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Alright, let’s talk about the cameras. OPPO has been a very photography-centric smartphone brand over the years and the OPPO R17 Pro does have quite a decent main camera – even for night shots. Take a look at specs first.

  • Rear-facing cameras
    • Main camera: 12MP f/1.5-2.4 dual-pixel PDAF + OIS
    • Secondary camera: 20MP f/2.6
    • 3D TOF camera: 5MP
  • Selfie camera
    • 25MP f/2.0 fixed focus

As you can see from the specs, the OPPO R17 Pro has variable aperture for its main camera lens. This is a unique feature that is – thus far – only found in the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and also the Galaxy Note9.

OPPO R17 Pro

However, OPPO did not disclose what is the purpose of the 20MP f/2.6 camera. From what we can find out, that secondary 20MP camera is only used as a depth sensor as we discovered by using a finger to block that camera while in portrait mode.

OPPO R17 Pro

As for the 3D TOF camera, it’s a piece of decoration as of now. It does not work and there are zero apps or features that uses the 3D TOF camera found on the OPPO R17 Pro right now. OPPO has told us that they are still preparing for a software update that brings all of the features to all customers, but it’s been months since the release of the OPPO R17 Pro. Where is that update?

Anyway – back to the photography part. You can check out the full size of all images shown here alongside with all metadata at our Shutterfly album here.

Rear-facing camera

Looking at the pictures taken by the OPPO R17 Pro, I can say that for daylight shots, it does perform pretty well. There is a lot of artificial sharpening happening in the picture as the trees on the far side of the picture shows. The white balance is also a little off as everything appears slightly bluish.

Review - OPPO R17 Pro 1

Review - OPPO R17 Pro 2

Turning on HDR however, makes all the colors vivid and the blue tint is even more apparent here. Also, it tends to overexpose the image, making it way too bright.

Review - OPPO R17 Pro 3

Review - OPPO R17 Pro 4

It’s safe to say that the OPPO R17 Pro does do quite a good job – just try to avoid HDR mode.

Review - OPPO R17 Pro 5

Then comes the night shots. The OPPO R17 Pro has a dual aperture lens – which means it can open up and allow more light to enter the sensor in low light conditions. The night shots look surprisingly decent, albeit still noisy.

Review - OPPO R17 Pro 6

Review - OPPO R17 Pro 7

We also tried using the long exposure night mode feature that the OPPO R17 Pro has. It works similarly to the night mode introduced in the Huawei P20, but the stabilization on the OPPO R17 Pro is not as good. All night mode pictures I took while holding the phone with my hand resulted in a shaky image.

Selfie camera

While the OPPO is indeed a brand that is focused on selfies, the R17 Pro still does not have autofocus for its selfie camera. While it boasts a 25MP sensor, images produced by the selfie camera looks fuzzy and noisy.

Review - OPPO R17 Pro 8

Camera UI

It’s quite a basic camera UI, to be honest. It’s clunky and spread out, yet there are no ways to rearrange the modes in the camera app to better suit your own use cases. Also, remember when we said the OPPO R17 Pro can take some fantastic night shots? That is because the main camera actually has dual aperture like the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note9.

OPPO R17 Pro camera UI

However, the OPPO R17 Pro’s manual mode does not allow manual configuration of the aperture, unlike Samsung’s flagships. I have no idea why OPPO implemented a variable aperture lens into the main camera but did not implement the software to control it manually.

OPPO R17 Pro camera UI

While on the subject of manual mode, the OPPO R17 Pro does provide the option to change the shutter speed from 1/8000 to 16 seconds.

By the way, that 2x zoom button is actually digital zoom. There is no optical zoom for the OPPO R17 Pro. Just don’t bother using that button if you want the pictures to look good.

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