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Oh boy, the cameras. For the realme 5 Pro, they have an entire hashtag and tagline revolving around its new quad-camera setup. They’re calling it #LeapToQuadCamera and with a good reason too since they’re leaping from a dual-camera setup on the realme 3 Pro straight to a quad-camera setup on the realme 5 Pro.

Here are the specs for the cameras on the realme 5 Pro, from top to bottom:

  • Ultrawide angle: 8MP f/2.2
  • Main: 48MP f/1.8 with PDAF
  • Depth sensor
  • Macro: 2MP f/2.4

<em>realme</em> 5 Pro

So there are only a total of 3 usable cameras here. Also fun fact – both the depth sensor camera and the macro cameras are the exact same in sensor size, megapixel count, and lens aperture.

Anyway, I digress. Here are the pictures that were taken with the realme 5 Pro. To view the image in full alongside its metadata, click here to visit our Shutterfly album.

Let’s start off with the main camera. By default, it takes pretty decent pictures. And yes, this picture was taken with the realme 5 Pro. Haha, surprise!

Review - realme 5 Pro 1

Review - realme 5 Pro 2

Then, we messed around with some other camera features – particularly the Chroma Boost first.

Review - realme 5 Pro 3

Depending on what scenes you’re shooting, Chroma Boost might look fantastic. For me, the green colors are just… too oversaturated – for my liking, at least.

We also enabled HDR mode but unfortunately, the colors turned all blue. No idea why that happened, but that’s just jarring.

Review - realme 5 Pro 4

We tried combining both the HDr and Chroma Boost and honestly, I don’t recommend doing that because of the incorrect white balance.

Review - realme 5 Pro 5

Moving on to the ultrawide camera, the quality in itself is pretty okay. Both the HDR and Chroma Boost produces the same types of results as the main camera.

Review - realme 5 Pro 6
By default.
Review - realme 5 Pro 7
Same picture with Chroma Boost. Yeah… too much saturation on the green/yellow.

By the way, did you notice the chromatic aberrations at the top left corner of the ultrawide angle pictures? That’s pretty common for ultrawide angle cameras, so don’t worry about it.

Moving on to the macro camera. Yeah, it can take pictures as it has a 4cm focal length. However, the white balance is totally off. This picture shouldn’t be this white.

Review - realme 5 Pro 8

So is the camera actually any good? Yeah, it’s okay as a point and shoot. Some of the modes – especially Chroma Boost – is situational. The white balance for both HDR mode and the macro camera will need to be fixed in the next firmware update.

Camera UI

Alright. Referring back to my realme 3 Pro review, I praised how the ColorOS 6.0 managed to clean up the camera interface and made it streamlined to the point where I considered it as one of the best when it comes to smartphone camera UI. However, that was when the realme 3 Pro only had a single usable camera. Now, the new realme 5 Pro has a total of 3 usable cameras and the camera UI needs to cope with that.

What changes did ColorOS have to accommodate the two more usable cameras? By literally scattering buttons everywhere, similar to what Xiaomi did. For some reason, the ultrawide angle camera is movedĀ away from the zoom slider, and placed at the opposite end of the screen. That’s pretty inconvenient, honestly.

Review - realme 5 Pro 9

Then comes the “hamburger menu”, which is located at the corner, which houses all of the different modes to select from. As the previous realme 3 Pro had only a handful of modes, the hamburger menu worked fine. Now, the realme 5 Pro has a bunch of different modes and the hamburger menu is now scrollable. Within this menu is where you’ll find the Ultra 48MP, nightscape, and “ultra macro” modes.

<em>realme</em> 5 Pro camera UI hamburger menu <em>realme</em> 5 Pro camera UI hamburger menu

One solution to fix all of this clunkiness if by allowing users to customize which button goes where. Perhaps give the users option to swap the Chroma Boost with Ultra 48MP or the filter selection with nightscape mode. Then, the hamburger menu will be housing all the tertiary camera modes instead, making the UI feasible again.

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