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I honestly have a soft spot for Samsung’s brand new One UI. Since its announcement last  year, I was eager to try it out for myself. Not too long after that, One UI arrived to my Galaxy S9. I updated it at an instant and have been loving it thus far.

Samsung cleaned up the settings menu and made everything much easier to find, which is a stark contrast compared to the clunky Mi Mix 3. Moving all of the buttons to the bottom of the screen is also a plus point as I am a one-handed smartphone user.

Like what we mentioned when we did a highlight on the Galaxe S10e, it comes with even more features than the previous iterations of the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones. Whatever features we are highlighting here are applicable to the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and also the Galaxy S10+.

Firstly, Bixby got an upgrade with the new One UI look. The Bixby button got an upgrade as well – it can now be programmed. Decently flexible too, but can’t bring up the Google Assistant.

But that’s okay, since you can have it trigger any of the Bixby commands with the press of a button. For example, you can program the Bixby button to show you weather for the day. That is what I did – and I can ask Bixby the exact same question every time by just pressing the Bixby key. Holding the Bixby key will wake Bixby to listen to my queries instead.

In my opinion, Bixby is still not perfect, hence your queries have to be really specific. But then again, it has deep integration into Samsung’s hardware and you can control many parts of the phone via voice.

The other feature that is exclusive for the Galaxy S10 series is Bixby Routine. Veterans of Android OS will be familiar with these two apps – Tasker and Locale. These apps are essentially IFTTT but made to control your phone based on triggers. Bixby Routine is just that – but integrated into One UI directly.

Samsung has given a lot of focus in terms of WiFi security as well – particularly on public ones. It can now detect suspicious activity on the WiFi network and also connect to McAfee’s VPN to provide maximum protection. However, there is a 250MB/month quota and there is no option to purchase more for Malaysians just yet.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

By the way, Samsung DeX does work with the new Galaxy S10+. Samsung just did not show it off on stage this time around.

UPDATE: We also tested Samsung DeX for the Galaxy S10+

Our curiosity got better of us and we tested the Galaxy S10 series with DeX.

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