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As a smart device

The Gear Fit tried to be a smart device – sending you notifications, able to find your device control your phone’s media, and even show you weather information that it got from the Samsung device that it paired with.

Here’s a gallery of what it can show you.

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Sure, it can show me all these notifications but the thing that bothers me a lot is the vibration that it gives when a notification is received. It’s a little too subtle and most of the times I can’t even feel it. You’ll have to wear the Gear Fit a lot tighter than usual, which obviously caused discomfort – and we’ll talk about that in a while.

Scrolling through notifications is not the best thing to do on the Gear Fit, as the Gear Fit couldn’t preview a lot of the notifications and it kept on telling me to go back to my device to check it – and the really did defeat the purpose of having a smartwatch entirely.

What about its other functionality?

The Gear Fit is first of all, a complementary smartwatch for Samsung devices only. You’ll need to get to the Samsung Apps Store to download the required app to pair with the Gear Fit, which is conveniently named Gear Fit Manager. The app does guide you through some easy steps to pair with the Gear Fit, which then presents you with a bunch of options.

Technically you can do almost everything on the app for your phone/tablet, except the ability to change the screen orientation, setting up the user profile, and the brightness, which you’ll have to do it on the Gear Fit itself. Also, you can add a custom image as your background for the watch face by selecting an image from your Samsung device and cropping it. Neat if you have some custom design that you like to have it as your watch face background.

From all the different styles of watch faces to choose from, some of them are pretty useful, such as the one that shows the weather alongside with the date and time. Other than that, there’s a dual-clock, event clock, some funky styled ones and some typography styled ones.

DSC_3525 copy

This is another feature with I think isn’t really useful if your Samsung device is docked somewhere while playing music and you’re somewhere within Bluetooth range. Let’s just say you want to change the volume or change track. You can do it directly on the Gear Fit itself. Handy? Yes. Useful? Rarely.

The last thing that falls under the smartwatch category is the ability of find my phone – more specifically though, it should be called find my Samsung device instead.

DSC_3526 copy

Keep in mind you’ll have to be connected via Bluetooth to have this function running. With that said, it means that you’ll have to be closer than 100 meters in range from your Samsung device, otherwise you’ll not be able to use this at all – with obstacles not taken into account yet.

One you tap on the little green button, your allegedly lost Samsung device will start to ring at its loudest volume with the LED flash shining brightly.

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