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As a fitness device

This is where the Gear Fit’s name came by – it’s focused on fitness. It has these 3 functions that is very common these for fitness bands. Also, you’ll be needing an app called Fitness with Gear to go alongside with these fitness functionality. Technically, it’s S Health. It syncs all of the Pedometer, Exercise, Heart Rate and Sleep into the Samsung device, which then syncs to with Samsung’s server.

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ASUS ZenBook 14 AMD

Surely these 3 apps are a little wonky too. Firstly. the pedometer isn’t accurate at all, which some random hand movements can also be detected as a step, and sometimes one step can be detected as a few steps. Hey Samsung, I’m not an octopus.

For the Pedometer and the Exercise mode, you’ll have to tell Samsung that you want it to be in Pedometer or Exercise mode. It’s a shame, why can’t the Gear Fit just acts as a pedometer passively and detect my steps every time, then send all those information to my Samsung device at the end of the day? The same goes for the Heart Rate mode. Just detect it periodically, and then send to my Samsung device at the end of the day without me telling you to do so. As for the Exercise mode, I can understand if there’s a need to tell it to do so.

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Another thing to note is the heart rate sensor requires your hand to be super steady and with absolutely no movement – even talking is not allowed. The reason I said that the heart rate sensor is wonky is because the sensor takes quite a long time to sense your heart rate, and sometimes with quite a big deviation if your detect two consecutive times.

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Then there’s the Sleep mode. It tracks your sleep pattern and tells you how long you slept, and how much you moved during your sleep. Technically it doesn’t tell much, but it’s there.

It’s also quite dumb to have to TELL the Gear Fit when you’re sleeping and also when you’re waking up. To tell the Gear Fit when you are going to sleep is pretty understandable, but the fact that you’ll have to TELL it that you woke up is a completely different story. Why can’t the Gear Fit just detects something like “Oh! Vigorous movements! The user must be awake!” and just shuts off the Sleep mode, and sync everything with the paired Samsung Device? I really can’t understand why.

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