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As a wristwatch

This is where everything gets a little twisted. For the first few days, I only my Nexus 4 with me, which I then followed this guide and the Gear Fit with my Nexus.

Obviously there isn’t any sort of Samsung Account available for my phone, thus the Gear Fit is reduced to practically just a wristwatch with media controls, a heart rate sensor, and a find my device function.

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However, I do have another watch – the Black Dice GURU – an LED wristwatch, that I’ve been wearing for more than a year. It also has a curved screen just like the Gear Fit, which I think has a very similar form factor here is while the Gear Fit is reduced to only a wristwatch, I think the comparison between both the wristwatches.

DSC_3514 copy

First of all, I love the Black Dice GURU. I love every single part of it – the curvature, the simplicity, and the durability. It already has a lot of scratches, but it still works completely fine.

DSC_3537 copy

Both of these watches have a curve to the screen, but not on the chassis of the watch themselves. The Gear Fit has a subtle curve on the chassis, which makes it to adapt to the human’s wrist shape a little less comfortable than the Black Dice GURU did. Both of them have one button, with the button on the Gear Fit a lot harder to press than the one on the GURU.

DSC_3530 copy

Both the watches fit pretty nicely, but the Black Dice GURU is obviously larger than the Gear Fit by quite a large margin. Of course the fonts are a lot larger and its display is on an LED matrix and not on some fancy Super AMOLED screen.

Of course, the Gear Fit has an upper hand with the gesture detection that when you mimic the action of turning your wrist to look at the time, the screen automatically turns on for you.

DSC_3528 copy

Speaking of the display, this Outdoor brightness mode is something that Samsung included for the Gear Fit so that you can look at the time under sunlight without difficulty. Another dumb thing to do is not including a light intensity sensor into the Gear Fit so that it can have an auto-brightness mode.

You’ll have to manually go to the settings on the Gear Fit, then navigate to Display and bump up the brightness. Once you’ve selected Outdoor mode, you hit OK and then a message comes out saying that the Outdoor mode is only turned on for 5 minutes max, and it’ll automatically revert back to brightness level 5 after 5 minutes. You’ll have to repeat the process again if you’re going to go back to Outdoor brightness mode.

Before I updated the Gear Fit, there was a fuss about the Gear Fit not being able to rotate the screen orientation, and had to wait for an update to bring that option in. Seriously Samsung, my Black Dice GURU is a watch that I pay what I get for – no firmware updates or any sort of aftermarket support – and it’s able to rotate the view.

DSC_3531 copy

Also, my Black Dice GURU is able to do this with its large display.

DSC_3534 copy


What’s a wristwatch without commenting on the wristband?

DSC_3554 copy

The clasp used on the Gear Fit definitely uncomfortable, by having a belt-life two-pin locking mechanism, which is very flimsy and if you’re not careful enough, a simple hook to the clothes can have the Gear Fit falling down on the ground.

Also, the build quality of the clasp isn’t exactly the best after all.

DSC_3556 copy

However though, there are some positives in the wristband.

DSC_3566 copy

There are some ridges along the entire length of the wristband, which I think is something to prevent uncomfortable extreme sweating on the strap, but then again that’s not really effective since the watch itself does not have any ridges. Hello, sweaty wrist.

DSC_3544 copy

The Gear Fit does have a removable strap for you to change to some other colour or design according to your own preference, but of course it is also water resistant – meaning that you can wash the Gear Fit and the strap with water, but it’s not waterproof, so don’t bring it to the pool or the beach to have fun.

General comfort wise, the Gear Fit doesn’t have the heft to it that you can readjust a wristwatch by just vigorously twisting the hand – it’ll require you to use your other hand to adjust it. Also, without the heft to it, you won’t know if the Gear Fit is still attached to your wrist – it can be dropped somewhere without you even knowing, given the super-light weight. I feel that even the gesture sensitivity is a little too slow and not as good as the Gear 2. Maybe that’s why the battery lasts a lot longer than the Gear 2? I can’t really describe how sensitive it is, you’ll have to test it for yourself.

This is just a personal preference, your mileage may vary.

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