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Wrap up

So the Samsung Gear Fit is a device that tries to be 3 separate things at the same time – a smart device, a fitness band, and also a watch. The reason why I don’t consider the smart and watch together is because I think that the Gear Fit can also be a fashion accessory since Samsung did boast its form factor so proudly to the world.

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For general comfort? Meh, I think you’ll have to wear the Gear Fit pretty tight on the wrist to have the smart and fitness functions working properly. It does look attractive with the curved screen, but then again ever since the announcement of the Gear Fit, people have been mistakenly asking me if that’s a Gear Fit on my wrist.

Hey Black Dice, no lawsuit?

All jokes aside though, here’s the summary.

Rating : 4/10

The Gear Fit tried to be too many things at the same time, which then turned out to be sub-par or mediocre in all the things that it does as compared to other devices out there that only costs a fraction of its price. It does make a fashion statement somehow with its bright screen, but with a recommended retail price of  RM599? That’s definitely a tipping point in my decision.

It’s just too small, and I couldn’t find any real practical use that will make me buy the Gear Fit.

There’s a reason why I gave it an even lower score.
It only works with Samsung devices.

Seriously Samsung, please open up.

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