ASUS VivoBook 14 A413

Wrap up

DSC_5046 copy

I can’t wait to tell you the price – it’s only RM50 without shipping.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

With the price out of the way, I guess it all comes down to this – an excellent piece of hardware with all the features that you’ll only find on certain earphones, and has quality comparable to some earphone that costs about 4 to 6 times higher than the Xiaomi Piston Earphones v2.1. It really does feel like I’m paying RM50 for something that costs RM200 or more – especially with that silicon mold and that packaging.

If you are using a Xiaomi smartphone yourself, those in-line buttons can even be programmed!

I will recommend the Xiaomi Piston Earphones v2.1 to anyone who’s looking for a functional piece of earphones that has excellent audio quality for its unbelievably low price over anything out there in the market. Plus, the in-line controls are compatible with Apple’s devices too.

If you want to buy one of this, head on over to Xiaomi’s website to get one. They don’t seem to be out of stock at all, so go get it!

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