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Xiaomi Malaysia’s latest movement in giving back to society involves them hooking up with Suriana Welfare Society (or Suriana for short) to give some help to kids within the Klang Valley area.

Xiaomi Back to School CSR 2

A total of 400 underprivileged youngsters are blessed with a kit designed to help them get back into school and ready them for a better learning environment. The kit includes a Xiaomi backpack, Xiaomi Jumbo Gel Ink Pens, and a Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet. By collaborating with Suriana which is a company that focuses on empowering the less fortunate group of people and community, Xiaomi is able to channel its help effort towards the people effectively.

Xiaomi Back to School CSR 3

Officiated by Xiaomi and joined by multiple parties including Suriana and management teams from Desa Mentari, they promised that any kits that are excessive for the initial targeted group will be redistributed to other communities that Suriana oversees so rest assured that the 400 kits will be fully delivered to 400 kids.

If you want to learn more about Suriana and perhaps contribute a little bit of help in terms of financial or industrial connections, you can visit their official website.

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