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Dell Technologies has announced a couple of new additions to its PowerEdge lineup of servers that cover both the bleeding edge market as well as the standard SMEs and prosumer category.

4 new Dell PowerEdge servers has been launched, including a couple of CSP Edition machines dedicated for cloud computing 1

We’ll start with the PowerEdge R670 and R770 CSP Edition first. Designed for Cloud Service Provider(s) in mind hence the ‘CSP Edition’, they are among the very first batch of offerings in the market that pack Intel’s Xeon 6 Efficient Core CPU suitable for a high number of lightweight tasks like virtualization that also comes in at up to 2.3x better performance than previous gen.

Aside from Smart Cooling that dynamically scales cooling capacity according to the current demand for lower energy bills and better green computing scale, they also are built with ease of maintenance in mind thanks to the front I/O configurations made for cold aisle access, leading to simpler installation and servicing later on.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget the Data Center – Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) architecture built from the foundations of the Open Compute Project which Dell Technologies and Intel are part of as well. As such, data centers that are adopting said server design are going to benefit from greater interoperability across server techs.

Dell PowerEdge T160 and T260

On the other hand, smaller businesses/offices/remote server owners are going to love the PowerEdge T160 (The horizontal model) and R260 (The standing model) as with generational tech leap, they are poised to deliver 2x the performance while occupying less space.

As for the processors, they are fitted with Intel Xeon E-2400 and thanks to how they are designed, they can be deployed in harsher environments props to the filter bezels without any issues such as places with high density of dust and grease.


The PowerEdge R670 and R770 CSP Edition servers will be made available starting in July whereas the T160 and R260 are coming out within this month.

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