ZOWIE mouse header

Overview – Entire Family of ZOWIE Mouse For eSports; ZA, FK, EC-A & EC-B...

Today we have something out of the ordinary. When we were presented with all of ZOWIE's peripherals, we saw something that needs addressing. ZOWIE only has one keyboard in the market - and that's the Celeritas II that we reviewed here, but they have a total of 10 different mice. That's excluding the different colors that each of the mouse has. With the amount of ZOWIE mouse available in the market, I'm sure there are users who are overwhelmed - like us.
Plextor M9PeG

Review – Plextor M9PeG: Small M.2 SSD With Speedy NVMe Interface

In today's standards for high-speed storage devices, SSDs that uses the NVMe interface take the crown. As of now, SSDs available in the market is still far away from hitting the NVMe interface limit. That's why NVMe SSDs are getting faster than ever while maintaining at a reasonable price. The Plextor M9PeG is one of those SSDs that has great performance with a reasonable price.
Huawei P20

Review – Huawei P20: Major Improvements From Before

Here comes the major flagship smartphone from Huawei - the P20. It was launched at Paris at the end of March, and was launched in Malaysian market about a week after that. And a few days after, we actually got a hold of the brand new Huawei P20.
HyperX Cloud Alpha

Review – HyperX Cloud Alpha: Jack-of-All-Trades Gaming Headset

If you looked for gaming headsets for the past few years, you most definitely come across one brand - HyperX. They're well-known for the Cloud series of gaming headsets, and there are actually a total of 4 main branches of in the Cloud family. The one we have here today is the HyperX Cloud Alpha.
Honor 9 Lite

Review – Honor 9 Lite

On the 6th of March 2018, Honor held an event to officiate the Honor 9 Lite in the Malaysian market. It was quite a different approach compared to other brands that we've seen as Honor partners with fashion brands. However, we're here to solely focus on the Honor 9 Lite itself.
ZOWIE Celeritas II

Review – ZOWIE Celeritas II: Engineering Choices That Helps eSports Players

We've played with quite a fair amount of keyboards here at Nasi Lemak Tech - and we've come across many different switches that are available in the market. However, they're all binary switches - meaning they only turn on or off. ZOWIE, being an eSports-centric brand that they always have been, created the Celeritas II. It has a few interesting design choices - including the usage of Flaretech optical switches.

Review – Pioneer USB-C PD Dock (APS-DKPD01): Thunderbolt 3’s Best Friend

Last month, we saw that Pioneer - yes - the car audio brand, is venturing into PC components. They have 2.5-inch and M.2 SSDs. A month later, they announced their slew of USB-C devices. Ranging from dongles and external SSDs, one of the device announced was the Pioneer USB-C PD Dock codenamed APS-DKPD001.

Review – ASUS ROG Strix XG32V 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor With FreeSync & Aura...

ASUS ROG has been making high-performance monitors for years now. Not too long ago, ROG announced the new ROG Strix XG32V gaming monitor hereĀ - and now we got the chance to do a full review on it. It's a 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rateĀ and comes with FreeSync to eliminate screen tearing. Just ASUS being ASUS, they've even added lighting behind the monitor and it can be synced through Aura Sync.
Samsung Galaxy S9

Review – Samsung Galaxy S9: Great Flagship Made Better

The Samsung Galaxy S9. It's finally here - and Samsung claims that they have reimagined the camera. Since it is a brand new generation of flagship smartphone by Samsung, they've equipped the new Galaxy S9 with the latest and greatest hardware and software, too. Featuring nifty features like variable aperture and quirky ones like AR emoji, the Galaxy S9 has something for everyone.