Huawei P30

Review – Huawei P30: For the zooms only

It's been a crazy few months since the leaks of new P30 series that can perform some crazy zooms. Then now, we finally have one in our hands. I've been using it for a little over a week and here is our review of the Huawei P30.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Review – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Free Version)

As a tech reviewer/journalist, just being in the tech industry is enough to make our friends and relatives asking if we could help them fix their computer or restore their lost data. Fixing computers...
Phidisk PhantomKnight

Review – Phidisk PhantomKnight SATA III SSD

Phidisk is a relatively new brand that focuses solely on storage technology - and they originated from the humble island of Penang. There are multiple series within the Phidisk family, and the PhantomKnight is considered their entry-level range.

Review – Canon Mini Photo Printer (PV-123)

We don't print physical photos that often anymore since the digital lifestyle of sharing photos on social media became the norm. However, the Fujifilm's Instax manages to be a hit in the world of...
HONOR 20 Lite

Review – HONOR 20 Lite: Triple camera fun

HONOR, in a global scale, is going through a big change. We saw their magnificent HONOR View20 - which we loved - is selling like hotcakes. As for the mid-range segment, we have the HONOR 8X, the HONOR 10 Lite, and now with the HONOR 20 Lite. It is also known as the HONOR 10i in certain countries. Names aside, we're calling it the HONOR 20 Lite in Malaysia.
Xiaomi Mi 9

Review – Xiaomi Mi 9: What a fantastic surprise

It's finally here. The highly-anticipated Xiaomi Mi 9 with the latest generation of hardware has arrived to the Malaysian market and of course, it is received with open arms as the price is just unbeatable at this point of time. But is the phone itself any good?
OPPO F11 Pro

Review – OPPO F11 Pro: The premium mid-ranger to buy

OPPO has been making mid-range smartphones for years now. The OPPO F1s from years ago paved the way for this cheap-yet-great price range of smartphones, and it ws my favorite smartphone at that time. Now, we have the new OPPO F11 Pro on our hands - and OPPO is redefining themselves in the mid-range market into the premium segment.
Innergie PowerGear 60C

Review – Innergie PowerGear 60C USB-C Power Adapter: Small, lightweight, powerful

For many of us laptop users who use a single machine between multiple places, I can reassure you that many of us have experienced the time where we forgot to take the power adapter with us. As everyone is done on smartphones and computers (particularly laptops) these days, a power adapter is very important. The Innergie PowerGear 60C is here to replace your power adapter with its small and powerful yet lightweight form factor.
Orico MH4PU USB 3.0 Clip

Review – Orico MH4PU USB 3.0 Clip Hub

We've seen quite a lot of novelty products over the years and one of the most handy product we have seen is the Orico MH4PU. By looking at the specs, it is nothing more than a 4-port USB 3.0 hub. However, the product's specialty is the versatility on how you can mount the hub itself.