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MSI Creator 17 A10SFS

What is a mini-LED Display and Why It is Amazing

There are a lot of different laptops in the world first now. Within recent years, we have a brand new category of laptops appearing in the market - made for creators. And this is the MSI Creator 17 - the world's first laptop that is using mini-LED.
Samsung Galaxy A31

Which phone I recommend at RM1,099?

There is a vast market of smartphones in the market right now. There are multiple brands with multiple different smartphones within the same price range. But specifically for the price range of RM1,099, we have the Samsung Galaxy A31.
Taking pictures with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Taking fantastic pictures with manual mode featuring the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

To maximize the quality of our smartphone cameras, I still think a tripod is still needed to take great pictures. The most common way to improve any image quality is by allowing longer exposure time. And that means we need a tripod. But the Galaxy Z Flip has a special feature.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S IR blaster

I lost my AC remote – but the Redmi Note 9S saved the day

For whatever reason, the weather is unreasonably hot. I needed my air conditioner to be turned on as soon as possible. I searched my room for the remote control and I couldn't find it. I thought to myself - where the heck could it be? I continued searching and eventually, I gave up. But then I remembered two Xiaomi phones - the Mi 9, and also the Redmi Note 9S. Both of these phones have an IR blaster.

Why Cheat in Benchmarks?

Cheating in the benchmark application is not new and we have seen a fair share of such fiasco way before the MediaTek's shenanigans that was exposed by the much-respected team over at Anandtech. This time,...
HONOR MagicBook

New HONOR MagicBook has great battery life and unbelievable price, plus free gifts worth...

We have taken a look at the HONOR MagicBook not too long ago - and it's love at first glance. Despite being HONOR Malaysia's first laptop in the Malaysian, we immediately said that it is better than the MateBook D 15 that we reviewed here. But, it is also better than a few of its other competitors. Here are a few reasons why.
OpenSignal logo

Here’s how WiFi connection is tortured recently, according to OpenSignal

It is definitely good news that people around the world is taking COVID-19 seriously and sticks to any lockdowns or isolation made by their government. But more people indoors means a heck lot more WiFi connections to be served and with YouTube and Netflix cutting down bandwidth in order to serve all these requests, it's safe to say that we're trying not to overload our internet infrastructure.
Samsung Galaxy S20

5 reasons why we like the Samsung Galaxy S20 series

There are a lot of things to like about the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series of smartphones. If we talked about all of them in our review, it'll be half an hour long. So, we decided to look at a few aspects of the Galaxy S20 series that stood out to us.
work from home restricted movement

5 tips to stay productive this “work from home” period

Malaysia is currently in the "restricted movement" period. All offices except essential services must be closed - and many of us are currently working from home. Speaking from personal experience, there are lots of temptations to not work when we are in the comfort of our own home.

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