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Hey there! You look really nice today. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with you.

Nasi Lemak Tech is open for any collaboration, business inquiry, or even sponsored reviews – and we’d like to show you what we’ve done in the past. Here’s a brief profile on what we did!

Nasi Lemak Tech has collaborated with Jaben, Logitech, and X-Mini before to bring everyone our very first giveaway. We didn’t stop there. We worked with Logitech again to bring you guys another giveaway – this time is the G310 Atlas Dawn mechanical keyboard. After that, we even brought you guys a giveaway for the ELEPhone which was on our Facebook last year.

We’ve also worked frequently with big brands to bring you unbiased reviews, and provided continuous feedback and for their devices. ASUS is one that we always worked with. Not only that but Leapfrog, the parent company of Armaggeddon, SonicGear, PowerLogic, and AudioBox, have been continuously working with us. Since then, we’ve been providing each other constructive feedback. Samsung also recognized our portfolio and requested if we could review their one-of-a-kind Samsung R7 360° wireless speaker – which at that time, there was only one in  Malaysia. Many PR firms have also recognized us for our deliverance too.

We at Nasi Lemak Tech is also looking to push forward our YouTube channel in the near future, which we now have some videos up already – and also garnered few thousand views on some videos.

It is definitely great to work with these brands, and we here at Nasi Lemak Tech look forward to work with you.
Please contact Kok Kee [[email protected]] for further discussion. I’m always here for you. Thanks a bunch!