U Mobile GoBiz GoPayz

U Mobile enters fintech with GoPayz & GoBiz

Today marks a big step forward to U Mobile as they are entering the fresh market of fintech, or financial technology. We've seen many e-wallet and new cashless payment systems popping out since last year - and today is U Mobile's turn with two distinct platforms - GoPayz and GoBiz. 
Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung Electronics is the top brand in Asia for 8th year straight

With innovation and brand building, Samsung has been the top brand in Asia for the eighth consecutive year, according to the results from the "Asia’s Top 1000 Brands" annual online survey. This survey is conducted by Campaign Asia-Pacific in collaboration with Nielsen. Within this survey is an aggregated view from across 15 major product categories - ranging from automotive, retail, F&B and consumer electronics. The survey asks  – is based on consumer insights and offers a clear measure of the most highly regarded brand names today.
VivoBook Ultra launch

ASUS launches new VivoBook Ultra A412, A512, K403

We're here at Genting right now to report that yes - ASUS is collaborating with a local fashion brand, Kittie Yiyi, to present the new VivoBook Ultra A412 and A512 alongside with the VivoBook Ultra K403 to the world.
Samsung Galaxy Fit Samsung Galaxy Fit-e

Samsung releases new Galaxy Fit & Galaxy Fit-e at RM369 & RM139

From the eyes of a consumer, it seems like Samsung is making their products even more affordable now while offering an even cheaper "essential" variant of the said product lineup. We have the Galaxy S10e, then the Galaxy Tab S5e, and now we even have the Galaxy Fit-e that will be available alongside the new Galaxy Fit.
HONOR Malaysia Father’s Day deals

HONOR Malaysia has Father’s Day bundle deals; HONOR Watch Magic included

Despite being caught in the crossfire between the U.S. and Huawei, HONOR Malaysia is still going strong as the community and country's support for the companies is still strong. That said, HONOR Malaysia's new Father's Day bundles are interesting, to say the least. We have mid-range phones paired with their most interesting accessories too.
Samsung SEAO 2019 QLED TV

State of TVs: LG sticks to OLED as Samsung branches to multiple TV display...

It's always interesting to discover new unexpected things during our usual routine of researches and read-ups. Both Samsung and LG are major players in the display technology segment and they are both from South Korea. However, these two companies have a very different path for the future. As Samsung continues to innovate and expand into multiple different display technologies, LG is adamant and continues on with OLED only.
Apple Pro Display XDR $999 stand

Apple $999 monitor stand is ridiculous, and they are censoring your opinions

Over the night, Apple held their new WWDC keynote. With that they announced a whole bunch of new products which I honestly don't have the need or money to care about. The one thing that caught my attention was Apple's new display which they are calling the Apple Pro Display XDR. You can mount it either with a $199 VESA mount or with a $999 Pro Stand.
ZOTAC CUP Computex 2019 Featured

ZOTAC CUP Tournament $100,000 prize pool donated to charity

ZOTAC CUP Fight for Charity League of Legends Tournament was held in conjunction with COMPUTEX 2019 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, a month after the April online qualifiers throughout Asia, Europe, and America.

Celebrate this Raya with #TikTokRaya2019

Honestly speaking, TikTok has always been a community-driven platform. Remember when the "hit or miss" girl came and took the world by storm? Then more memes started to come out. The creativity of its community by exploiting its features like duet is just inspiring. Now, they have a brand new in-app challenge that they are calling it the #TikTokRaya2019 campaign.