Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition

Samsung announced Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition

It's no surprise that the Galaxy Watch Active was a great watch, as per our review here. Then comes the Galaxy Watch Active2 during the announcement of the Note10 series of smartphones, and now comes the Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition. Both companies have collaborated and have announced the new watch with a special design.
Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day starts 19th August 2019!

We are all looking for the best upcoming sales - and Shopee is having their Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day - but it actually starts from 19th August to 9th September 2019. Lots of deals and campaigns alongside with many other activities. To top it all off - Cristiano Ronaldo is there new Shopee ambassador!
Transcend HUB2C USB Type-C

Transcend HUB2C is a Type-C to 4-port USB Type-A hub that we need

In a world of USB-C nowadays, I think that we all need some proper USB hubs to make sure our peripherals are connected. We've seen way too many Type-C converters in the market that are bundled with many other unnecessary ports which increases the overall price. This Transcend HUB2C (nice name, by the way) converts a single USB-C port to 4x USB Type-A ports. It's small and definitely handy for all situations.
Realme C2

1,000 units of Realme C2 sold in 30 minutes; adds new 2GB RAM +...

Did you know about the new entry-level king? Yeah, that's the Realme C2. Over the past Super Brand Festival on Shopee that happened on 5th August, a total of 1,000 units of the Realme C2 was sold over the course of just 30 minutes. Seeing such a great response from the consumers, Realme Malaysia is adding another variant of the C2 in the market - 2GB RAM + 32GB storage.
TikTok Warner Music Malaysia #ilovesinging

Sing in a full studio recording session with TikTok and Warner Music Malaysia

TikTok and Warner Music Malaysia is giving you the opportunity to sing your way into a full-fledged studio recording. From here, you are given the podium to showcase your beautiful voice and let everyone hear it.
HarmonyOS HongmengOS

HongmengOS a.k.a. HarmanyOS is finally official; a “singular” OS for all devices

While we all know that HongmengOS will be announced sometime this year, it is finally unveiled after months of hollow announcements. Well, not quite. What we have here are just words - zero screenshots...
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Galaxy Note10 Plus

First impression – Samsung Galaxy Note10 & Note10+ (now with Magic Wand)

We understand - whenever a new device with such radical changes and a slew of new features comes doubt and misunderstanding. We have some ourselves here too, but we have the chance to go hands-on with the brand new Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones. And hence, we're here to clear some doubt.
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Galaxy Note10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note10 & Note10+ pre-order starts today at RM3,699

And here we have it - the official media launch of the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones! Within this series comes two new entries - the Galaxy Note10 and the Note10+. They are radically different from their predecessors, and we have a chance to go hands-on with these two phones.
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Galaxy Note10 Plus UNPACKED

Samsung launches Galaxy Note10 & Galaxy Note10+

After weeks after weeks of leaks and rumors - the Samsung Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones is finally here! We here both the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and the Galaxy Note10+ for this generation, and with most of the leaks are true, too.

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