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Best Smartphone For November 2016

Best Smartphone For November 2016

Let’s take a look at “Best Smartphone For November 2016”. The ones that give the most bang for you buck. Last year, there was a big hiatus in flagship smartphones, thanks to the controversy surrounding Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset. Particularly, it’s about the efficiency of that chipset – or lack thereof. It was a dark year for smartphones

Here’s why you should clean a laptop inside out

Here’s why you should clean a laptop inside out

Got a new laptop. Great – if you’re lucky, the laptop survives for years to come, maybe 2 years or more. Here’s the real kicker though, as the laptop ages, we get the illusion the machine slowing down. Assuming that there are no hardware failures at all, that’s not caused by age!! It’s actually is due to two main things – super-bloated operating system, or the system is thermal throttled due to dust clogging up. Here’s how to fix your problems!

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – the best tech gifts!

by Kok Kee
2015 Holiday Gift Guide – the best tech gifts!

‘Tis the season of giving, and it can be for anyone! Be it your family or friends, even enemies, can receive a gift from you! But no one wants their gift to be unused and collect dust somewhere, so this is the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide that we’ve prepared just for you – the best tech gifts for all walks of life!

Let’s start categorically on product genres, then sub-categorize it according to the user. It will include a little bit of description, and with some list of products.


I’m never gonna include those high-end phones, as they’re all pretty much overpriced phones yet they’re all the same. The most expensive phones we’re gonna include here is the budget high-end phones.

For <RM600

This category is simple – there is no need for the highest end of specs, but performs decently and has all of the basic things done. Suitable as a gift for parents and grandparents who don’t need the fastest and best smartphones out there.

For <RM800

Mid-rangers fall into this category. Fits those who wants more than just the basics, but doesn’t need the speed just yet.

Seems to be the one and only phone that fits in this category. Also, it has laser autofocus!

For <RM1,600

Woah, big budget you have here! Nonetheless, which is where all the best smartphones out there have fall into. They offer the highest end specs within a very reasonable and reachable prices. That being said, the OnePlus One is the main pioneer of this category, so I really have to pay respect to it.

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DSC_2688 copy

We did do a guide on what laptop to buy NOW, and we think that the article is still valid till now.

Check out the whole list of recommended laptops right here!


Let’s be honest – if we ourselves are not our personal photographers, it’s difficult to get the perfect gift for them. The one and only gift I can think that satisfies all photographers is the WD My Passport Wireless, with the cheapest price being RM699 at Lazada.


That’s an amazing external hard disk. It has SD card slot so that photographers can copy all pictures into the hard disks on the fly, then use the WiFi built into the Passport Wireless and just get all the pictures to any of the smart devices – be it Android or iOS!

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For shared storage

Here’s the problem – everyone in the family has their own private sets of photos, music, and videos. Maybe even some important documents too. You can opt to get an external hard disk for everyone in the family whilst thinking about the capacity for each external hard disk.

Front view when operating

Or better yet, get a network attached storage, or NAS, instead! I highly recommend the WD My Cloud Mirror, and I specifically opt for dual-drive for extra features. It’s offers a lot more and still cheaper than getting separate 1TB external hard disks too.

I think families should consider getting a NAS with no questions asked. Gift the NAS to the one who maintains it, then ask them to create an account for you so you yourself can use the NAS too. Then, all other family members can use the NAS too. Or you can lease out some storage space (since the you can set specific quota for specific user). Great gift, no?

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For music lovers

Music is absolutely the driver of life – at least for me. I love music, but to enjoy good music these days really need some decent hardware to enjoy good music. With this, I recommend a these speakers and earphones.


For earphones, I would really recommend the NAD Viso HP20! Absolutely the best pair of earphones out there right now. As for headphones, I’m not in a position to recommend any of them right now as I’m still new to those.

elysium zeon iii (11)

Bluetooth speakers however, I did play with a lot of them before – and there are two of them which I can recommend a few that I absolutely love.

Hey – if you do like your current speakers but absolutely need to add wireless audio streaming on it, then the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is absolutely for you!

DSC_7487 copy

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There comes peripherals on the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide – by peripherals I mean keyboards, mouse, and even some other controllers. And here we do have a few that we absolutely love.

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For household

Yeah yeah, you must be asking – “what’s up with this section for “households”? Seriously?” Yeah. I’m serious.

Household electronics aren’t simple – and the main point that differentiates between household tech and “personal” tech is that these devices will have to be shared among the family, like your TV or the family tablet. Then comes another problem – what if I want to type with my own peripheral on the family devices? That’s where these devices come in!

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Wrap up

I really hope the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide we prepared for you right here, and really hope that the choices we made here will help you make the best choice for your family.

Thanks again for checking this gift guide, and thanks for all of you support all these while!

Best laptop to buy NOW (Nov 2015)

by Kok Kee 1 Comment
Best laptop to buy NOW (Nov 2015)

It’s always the same type of question that we get over at our Facebook page, and one of the most famous question that we get over at our comment section too actually, and it’s always what the best (insert gadget category here) to buy now?

This is my personal opinion on what laptops that I personally recommend as of this time. You’re free to choose whatever you want.

The last one that we prepared was what laptop to buy pre-GST, but it’s been at least 7 months since then. Here we will not waste any time, and show you guys the best laptop to buy NOW. I mean now as in November 2015. If you’re keen on choosing something else, then check out our guide on how to choose a laptop for yourself!

You should take note of these few things according to your own needs  :

  1. Screen resolution
  2. RAM capacity
  3. Storage capacity
  4. CD/DVD drive (if you still use them)
  5. Gamers beware of VRAM on the GPU if you use external monitors
  6. Number of USB ports
  7. All prices here are below RM4k

Make sure you know what you need!!

It might be a little biased but here are some priorities I have at this current point of time. These are quite crucial for the best laptop to buy now.

  1. If I’m paying >RM2.5k, I expect a nice 1080p resolution and no TN panels too – they’re just way too ugly!
  2. Light users need a minimum 4GB RAM, and heavier users need 8GB (and make sure you get 8GB!!!)
  3. CD/DVD drive is better excluded from the laptop itself. Get an external one if you really need it
  4. Skylake is still too new, and DDR4 SO-DIMMs are still expensive as heck
  5. I will only list out one colour of the laptop, there might be some other colours

What you need to know

DSC_2688 copy

We’ll categorize users into a total of 3 different types, from light users to heavy users, then to the high-end systems. These are always chosen with different tiers of hardware, but as said, some of the other components aren’t listed on the spec sheet and therefore cannot be compared.

However, we’ll try our best to find the cheapest price for the best suited laptop for said category!

We’ll also bold those which are recommended to really get the point across – so you won’t miss it out! This time around, all of them will be linked towards Lazada, just for the sake of simplicity of buying the laptop online and don’t need to go all the way out to Lowyat, find an intense parking, sandwich yourself inside, haggle with the dealer, then pay a super expensive parking, then jam all the way home. However, you might find cheaper prices elsewhere, so please do not take these prices as is.

Light users

To those who just wanna do the simplest or the most basic of things – those who seek to show a couple of lgiht webpages to clients while doing light typing or maybe giving it to your parents as a present. Light video-watching and a little bit of Facebook and chatting – these are great! Don’t expect top-notch screen quality and speakers though, these are made with many low-cost components.

Personally, I’ll still recommend the ASUS X205ta just for simplicity’s sake – not on my side, but how minimalist and no-bullshit that device is. Simple, portable, and low priced too. Sadly I can’t find it on Lazada. Here are some alternatives though.

Heavy users

For those who wants to have some non-maxed out AAA title gaming (highest settings on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for example), then this is the category for you!

Price range might be a little haywire at this point, as there are a lot more other hardware specs to consider. Just make sure you upgrade to 8GB of RAM though!


For those gamers and the ones who tortures their laptops just about everyday – pushing it to the limits while bringing it on the go. A speed demon is what people would refer them as, and I’m guilty of being one of them.

Another important note, make sure you get 8GB of RAM (minimum)!!!

These are the machines for those who seek performance, while totally not giving a dang about the size much. Of course, still keeping the price tag rather low.

Some clarification

Here are some quick points about this post and Lazada, discovered while doing this entire buying guide.

  1. Lazada quick and easy; able to shop online instantly
  2. They’re not always the cheapest
  3. Many laptop models are not on Lazada
  4. Most laptops listed on Lazada only has 2GB or 4GB RAM. Make sure you get your upgrade!
  5.  These are the best laptop to buy now as of November 2015, but I might miss some out

Have a question or doubt?

Yeah yeah, these choices are subject to personal preference and I’m glad you think otherwise – so we can share our differences! Or I can answer your questions – I’m fine with both. Do message us on Facebook or just contact Kok Kee here!