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Why getting the ASUS Chromebook CR1 is suitable for your child’s school needs

I think we’ve said this before – we all need computers to do everything. Since these machines are so accessible nowadays, the education sector has embraced this future and started elevating the teaching experience through computers with interactive media and simulations.

Useful Tricks For Netflix Users On How To Watch Their Favorite Shows Anywhere And...

In just a few years Netflix has gone from being a niche video streaming platform to one of the most well-known names in the entertainment and media industry. More importantly, this one service alone...

4 Productivity Improvement Strategies That Truly Work

Just because your employees are working, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re being productive. There’s a huge difference between being productive and just mindlessly doing an assigned task. Every business needs to ensure that the...
5G Malaysia

We got to test 5G – and it’s promising

Malaysia really kicked 5G deployment into high gear with the introduction of Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) being the single wholesaler of 5G. I'm not going into the details of that as I am only here to test the current situation of 5G here in Malaysia. All the testing shown in this article is done on the 22nd of December 2021.
SNS OnePlan DaaS

Why companies should consider using the SNS OnePlan™?

Computers are necessary for companies to operate nowadays. Some companies even require tens or hundreds of computers to even start their initial operation. To avoid that humongous upfront payment, we have DaaS - which stands for device-as-a-service.

6 Common Issues To Avoid When Downloading Videos Online

Downloading videos online is almost inevitable as we need them for different reasons ranging from official work, educational purposes, research, or even for our pleasure. However, problems and troubles could be encountered due to...

Our pick: 13 best phones of 2021

In the year 2021, we can see a lot of interesting things happening this year. We're seeing foldable devices getting mainstream, a bunch of phones spammed into the market to see what sticks, and some mid-range phones even having IP-rating.

The Main Benefits Of Having A Membership Site

Having a membership site is a tried and tested e-commerce plan that brings a ton of benefits to the website owner as well as to members subscribing to the site. These benefits range from...

How A Legal Operations Software Can Help Your Business

Legal operations software can help your business in several ways. Additionally, many legal operations software include document management and email integration features which allow you to easily keep track of all communication and documentation...

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