Lazada Scam Too Good To Be True

Lazada Scammers Strikes With “Too Good To Be True” Deals

When an e-commerce platform is as large and as open as Lazada, then more cases of scammers will appear. The general rule to avoid scam is simple - if the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is. But sometimes it's not really that good, but still better than the market. How do you avoid them?
Huawei P20 Pro Pearl White

Huawei P20 Pro Pearl White – Exposing Its True Colors

Over the course of time since Huawei released their P20 and P20 Pro back in early April of this year, we've seen one new additional to the list of colors of the P20 Pro - and that's the Twilight color scheme. Just recently, Huawei announced the two new colors - Morpho Aurora and Pearl White. Even though Huawei Malaysia made the announcement for both colors, only the Pearl White color will be coming to Malaysia.
Editorial Why Flagship Killers Are So Cheap

Editorial: Why “Flagship Killers” Are So Cheap

Over the course of the last 2 months or so, we saw smartphones coming and going as usual. However, there are two smartphones in particular that stood out - the Honor Play and also the brand new Xiaomi Pocophone F1. The main question that got thrown around is always the same - why are they so cheap?
Samsung Galaxy Note9

Editorial – We Used Only The Samsung Galaxy Note9 For Traveling

After Computex 2018, I published an article with a similar title. In summary for that article, we covered Computex 2018 by using two smartphones - one performer and another heavy-lifter. But then the Samsung Galaxy Note9 came and we reviewed it, and soon our trip to Taipei followed. Hence, we revisit this topic once again.
E-Commerce Return Policy

PSA – Please Respect E-Commerce Return Policy

Malaysia is currently booming in the e-commerce market. We've seen many e-commerce platforms emerging and competition is fierce. Prices of products are always as low as it can be - so the battle is now in the e-commerce platform's services instead - specifically, the return policy. To provide a return policy in itself is already a risk and people are abusing it.
Smartphones For Traveling Samsung Galaxy S9 ASUS ZenFone Max Pro (M1)

Editorial – We Used These Smartphones For Traveling

Computex 2018 is over - but I think it's time we share something more than just the coverage of booths of brands that are present there. We should take a look at the phones we used too. Why? Because smartphones for traveling require battery longevity, camera quality, and speedy performance.
Smartphone Chargers Experiment header

Experiment – Difference Between Smartphone Chargers & How They Affect You

Smartphone chargers are one of our most prized possession when it comes to tech these days. Some of us bring them out together on a daily basis, whereas some of us bring a power bank. One thing is for sure - these chargers differ from one another. For all smartphone reviews that we do, we highlight what type of charger the phone actually comes with, is it 5V 1A, 5V2A, or something else? Smartphone chargers do affect your user experience.
Lazada Scam header

[PSA] Lazada Scam! Here’s How To Avoid Them – UPDATED

I'm very sure that many people have heard and know of the name Lazada. It's pretty much the household name for online shopping these days to the point where people go window shopping and search for better deals over at Lazada. Daily supplies and gadgets are bought from Lazada too. With so many customers heading over to Lazada to purchase items, it's bound to have lots of sketchy deals. Lazada scam are on the rise!
Reapply Thermal Paste & Undervolt CPU For Gaming Laptops

Experiment – Reapply Thermal Paste & Undervolt CPU For Laptops – Does It Matter?

Here comes a story of me getting a gaming laptop but the fan is not particularly silent enough for me to enjoy anything on my own. Hence I decided to conduct an experiment. Since it is considered a brand new laptop but the fan is ramping up and down like a roller coaster ride, does reapplying the thermal paste solve anything?