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It’s finally here! The successor to one of my favourite smartphones from last year – the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G. We have highlighted a few differences between the Galaxy A73 5G and its predecessor, the Galaxy A72, in our preview from last month.

However, we’ll leave all of that in our full review. Today, we’re only doing the unboxing of the Galaxy A73 5G.

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Samsung Galaxy A73 5G unboxing

The overall packaging language is very typical of the other Samsung phones we’ve come across within the Galaxy A series. The box shows how the phone looks, and the color shown on the box shown corresponds to the color of the phone inside the box. For us, since we have the mint color of the Galaxy A73 5G, the box is showing the mint color too.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G unboxing

Opening up the box reveals the Galaxy A73 5G in all its glory, wrapped in a piece of protective yet informative piece of plastic. It also highlights some of the features that we’ll dive further into during our review.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G unboxing

We’ll leave the phone aside for now and take a look at what’s under the phone.

Here, we can find an accessories box. Inside, we have a bunch of documentations and also the USB-C cable.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G unboxing

However, there is nothing else under the box. That is correct – there is no charger for the Galaxy A series this time. So we’ll focus back on the phone now.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G unboxing

The phone is wrapped in a piece of very informative plastic that highlights all of the important details regarding the Galaxy A73 5G. We won’t go in detail today, so we’ll leave it for our full review that is coming soon.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G unboxing

The overall aesthetics of the Galaxy A73 5G is very clean and I am really liking this mint color as it is within the range of my favorite hues to look at. Seriously, this color is very calming to look at.

I am also impressed by how a tiny change in the camera bump design changes the overall feel of the device. It’s now using a gradual slope that goes up from the phone’s back panel to the camera bump, and this tiny change now gives a more inviting vibe.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G unboxing

And that’s all for our unboxing of the Galaxy A73 5G. I am impressed by this phone overall, and I am looking forward to reviewing this phone.

Spoiler alert: I have already done quite a lot of tests and so far, I am really liking the Galaxy A73 5G. I also jumped the gun and did a gaming test for this phone.

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