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We are Nasi Lemak Tech, or NLT for short, and we focus on smart devices, accessories, and peripherals while getting the message across and to avoid jargon as best as we can. We’re keen to look into the products’ practicality and cost-effectiveness, while advising on the usage of said products.

We’ve sprinkled our magic onto the products we’re reviewing, and everything caught on naturally. Our camera test of the ASUS ZenFone 2 managed to snag up 42 shares on Facebook with many picture comments and sparked a challenge among other products.

Maxis picked up our review of the OnePlus One and placed it on the product page of the One too! We’ve also worked with big brands like Beyerdynamic, Leapfroglobal (SonicGear, Armaggeddon, PowerLogic), Logitech, Samsung, Jaben, and Microsoft, to bring their names to a segment of market that not many has ventured into – the high-end budget category. Most of the products in this category are unheard of and do not cost an arm and a leg, but outdo the most renowned alternatives.

Since then, Nasi Lemak Tech has expanded alongside with the tech industry, as we’re now even covering smartwatches, smartbands, tips and tricks together with how-to guides specifically meant for laptops and desktops alike. Let’s not forget that we’ve also ventured into the vast lands of peripherals too!

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