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Honestly, this isn’t like a first impression but more like a teaser of our full review of this phone. I’ve been using this phone for nearly a week and I also brought this phone with me to Taipei. I’m currently typing this on the high-speed rail, on the way to Tainan.

So, the Galaxy A55 is an upgrade over the Galaxy A54 – and from our tests, the upgrade is a pretty significant one though when we look at it physically – it seems like the same phone as before.

Samsung Galaxy A55 first impression

The new Galaxy A55 comes in a few different colors. We got the Iceblue color of this phone – and under certain lighting conditions, it looks white. Surprisingly, even at Taipei, we met two other people who were also using the Galaxy A55 – one in Navy and another in Lilac color.

Samsung Galaxy A55 first impression

The lilac color is special because of the back that reflects and breaks light into a spectrum of colors. Personally, it’s not my cup of tea – but it sure looks nice.

We also did an unboxing for this phone – and you can watch it here.

Now, the specs of this phone is quite similar to the previous generation. It has a slightly bigger screen at 6.6-inches but with the same resolution and refresh rate, while the SoC has been upgraded to the Exynos 1480. The latter is a pretty big change.

Samsung Galaxy A55 first impression

When we did our gaming test for this Galaxy A55, none of the apps or games were optimized for this chipset yet as it is very new. However, with the sheer power of the SoC, we can get very good performance out of Genshin Impact even while it is thermal throttling. The thermal limit is at 47°C, by the way.

I have also captured a lot of photos with the Galaxy A55, but we’ll save that for the full review that will come soon. Seriously, I took way too many pictures here in Taipei.

Everything else remains the same, including the camera hardware, the battery capacity, and also the fast-charging capability.

Samsung Galaxy A55 first impression

All of your data and privacy are also protected by Samsung Knox, and that means we can create a Secure Folder to house all of our most secure and private files and apps inside. It’ll keep your deepest and darkest secrets secure and emulate a sandbox system as if you’re bringing another phone within a phone.

Best of all, the Galaxy A55 comes with One UI 6.1 out of the box and has 4 generations of Android OS upgrades and 5 years of security patches guaranteed by Samsung. For a mid-range smartphone, this is excellent.

Samsung Galaxy A55 first impression

So, if you want to get yourself a Galaxy A55 right now, here are the deals. Honestly speaking, the free Galaxy Buds FE is an amazing deal – and you can watch our review here. I absolutely love the shape and size of that pair of earphones.

The offer is valid until 30th April 2024 and while stocks last.

Models RRP Colors Promotion
Galaxy A55 5G (256GB) RM1,999
  • Awesome IceBlue
  • Awesome Lilac
  • Awesome Navy
  • FREE Galaxy Buds FE
  • FREE 1-Year Extended Warranty
  • 30% Galaxy Fit3 and selected accessories
Galaxy A35 5G (256GB) RM1,699
  • FREE 2-Years Samsung Care+ Plan (2-Years Accidental and Liquid Damage + 1-Year Extended Warranty with Device Support Service)
  • 30% Galaxy Fit3 and selected accessories

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