OTG use

Top 5 OTG Cable Uses That You Should Know

OTG cables are fantastic little accessories to have at all times. They're not widely available, and not widely known too, for that matter. This little OTG cable converts your whatever device with USB-A headers to USB-C or micro-USB. they're available in quite a lot of different shapes, lengths, and designs, actually.
Huawei MLA

Huawei’s Machine Learning Algorithm (MLA) in EMUI 5

Here's where things get a little interesting - the idea of AI in a smartphone. Why should it exist? Simple - it manages the hardware resources properly and see what's going on with it. Huawei does have something called Machine Learning Algorithm, or MLA for short, in their current smartphone. However, MLA is not available for all Huawei smartphones.
Neffos X1 Lite header

Super Budget-Friendly Neffos X1 Lite Launched; RM499 Only

It's no surprise that some of us need a budget phone. Now, this budget phone doesn't need to be super high-end. Some of us just need a phone that we bring to travels and whatnot, because of the extra SIM card slots and for WiFi hotspots and whatever else. Here comes the Neffos X1 Lite at RM499 - a ridiculously low-priced smartphone.
DSLR vs smartphone camera

DSLR vs Smartphone Cameras – Are Smartphones Better?

Photography is ever-changing, especially for smartphones. However, the fundamentals of photography remain the same. Be it DSLR or smartphone cameras, the basics are the same - especially the exposure triangle. Of course, there are differences between DSLR & smartphone cameras.
Honor 8 Pro

Honor 8 Pro Launched; Partners With Mobile Legends

The Honor 8 is launched a little less than a year ago - and it remained my favorite smartphone for a long time, until it got updated to Nougat and all hell broke loose. Now comes the all-new refreshed iteration, the Honor 8 Pro. What's so different, actually?
Portrait Mode header

Guide – How To Portrait Mode & Manual Mode

Portrait photography is simple, but its feature integration and application in practical photography is beyond just portraits. It is called portrait mode, but its name can be rather misleading as it is not particularly optimized or used only for faces and portraits.
General Mobile GM 5 Plus

General Mobile, Android One Partner, Launches GM 5 Plus In Malaysia

We've seen many smartphones in the past from big brands like Samsung, Huawei, ASUS, Lenovo, and many more. They do offer budget-oriented devices - but General Mobile's smartphones are specifically made with Google's Android One standards. Take it as a "budget vanilla optimized experience", if that makes any sense. General Mobile's GM 5 Plus is one of the Android One smartphones.

ASUS ZenFone AR – World’s First Daydream + Tango Smartphone; RM3,799

Alright, before you start saying that the price of this smartphone is insanely high (which I understand), I urge you to read through these few points about the ASUS ZenFone AR before making any conclusive judgment.
OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 Pre-Order Starts Now; Should You Get One?

Seems like OnePlus is coming to Malaysia really early this iteration! The OnePlus 5 has already started its pre-order window from now until 6th July. You'll receive the phone in an "estimated within 5...