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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Review – Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G: Buy this

In Samsung's history, there had only been one other FE smartphone - and that's the Galaxy Note FE. Many years passed, and now we have the second "FE" smartphone, the Galaxy S20 FE.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Long-term review: Samsung Galaxy S10+ is still a fantastic phone; even after 1.5 years

When we first reviewed the Galaxy S10+ in early March of 2019, it was a very different phone compared to its predecessor. It's bigger, has the newly introduced (at that time) triple camera setup a few quality of life updates, and a much bigger battery. And comes in my personal favorite color, Prism Green.
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Review – Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro: Putting a focus on 108MP

Within Xiaomi's latest announcement, we have the Mi 10T series of smartphones - there's the base Mi 10T, then the Mi 10T Lite, and finally - the Mi 10T Pro - which we have here. I've been using it for nearly a week now, and here's my full review of this brand new smartphone from Xiaomi.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Review – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: This is just way too good

I got the review script done. But I eventually abandoned that script because I realized that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is not meant to be "reviewed" like any other smartphones that we had in the past.

Review – POCO X3 NFC: The best mid-range specs money can buy

POCO. It's a brand that came out of nowhere and their focus is to bring the best specs at an unbelievably low price. They shook the world with the POCOPHONE F1 with its specs and an unbelievably low price tag, then shook the world once again with the recently-announced POCO F2 Pro. Now, they shook the world again with the new POCO X3 NFC.
Vivo X50 Pro

Review – Vivo X50 Pro: The better X50 Pro to purchase

What we have today is the Vivo X50 Pro. It's been in the market for about a month now but we only got to do our review now because I really want to gather my thoughts on this phone. This phone is a perfect example of how smartphones can be more than just specs and numbers to see who has the highest benchmark.
ROG Phone 3

Review – ASUS ROG Phone 3: The jackless gaming phone

The highly-anticipated gaming smartphone is now in the market and in our hands! We've been using it for quite some time now, and we do have quite a lot of things to talk about...
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Review – Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra: So many productivity upgrades!

The Galaxy Note20 series was announced on 5th August 2020 and there were many more things announced on that day. The Galaxy Note20 series is obviously the biggest, most anticipated highlight of that Unpacked.
Poco F2 Pro

Review – Poco F2 Pro: Still the best specs for the price

Introducing, the Poco F2 Pro. Actually, I don't think we need to introduce this phone since it's a highly-anticipated smartphone that continues the legacy of the Pocophone F1 - or does it? 🤔

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