Samsung Galaxy Fold

Review – Samsung Galaxy Fold: An out-of-this-world experience

The Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is a device that was announced earlier this year before the announcement of the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones. Months passed and eventually, the Galaxy Fold was available for purchase....
ASUS ROG Phone 2

Review – ASUS ROG Phone 2

It's been a year since the original announcement of the ASUS ROG Phone, and now we have its sequel that is aptly named the ASUS ROG Phone 2. What are the new changes that...
realme 5 vs Samsung Galaxy A30s

realme 5 vs Samsung Galaxy A30s: Completely different phones

Recently, we just published the review of the realme 5. That smartphone is a really affordable smartphone. Within these past few months, we also have the Samsung Galaxy A30s entering the market. We believe that...
Realme 5

Review – realme 5

Within a few months, Realme is back again to release a brand new smartphone in the affordable mid-ranger series. This is the Realme 5 and it packs some upgrades compared to the Realme 3 that we loved - and we are going to talk about it here.
realme 5 Pro vs Vivo S1

realme 5 Pro vs Vivo S1: Battle of RM1,099 smartphones

Today we have two smartphones with us - the realme 5 Pro and also the Vivo S1. These two smartphones are priced at the RM1,099 but they both offer a vastly different experience. Let's compare and talk about the differences in today's comparison.
Realme 5 Pro

Review – realme 5 Pro

Realme. The really young smartphone brand that popped out last year and made waves across the globe with its affordable smartphones. They've returned once again, but this time they have the brand new Realme 5 Pro to show. Since we already are using it for about a month already, here is our full, in-depth review of the Realme 5 Pro.
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

Review – Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: Combining the best of both worlds

Some of you might know the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro as the K20 Pro. That's no surprise since they are just different names for the same product - well, almost the same product. Since we have tested the Mi 9 and the Mi 9T - we are able to deduce that the new Mi 9T Pro is the best of both worlds.
Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Review – Samsung Galaxy Note10+: Many intricate changes

It's time for Samsung's brand new flagship smartphone - the Galaxy Note10+. This smartphone marks a departure of the traditional Note series of smartphones. With it, we have a lot of changes on our hands with the brand new Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones.
Xiaomi Mi A3

Review – Xiaomi Mi A3: Trade-offs galore

For Xiaomi's third iteration of their Android One smartphone, the Mi A3 is an interesting one to boot. Right from the specs itself, it was pretty divisive, to say the least. We have a unit of the Mi A3 here for review, and we took it for a spin. We do have a lot to say about the Mi A3.

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